. You can cut me into pieces I

. Today peace is disturbed due to the intolerance towards
other cultures and religions.
Intolerance is due to lack of appreciation for other cultures
and religions. Lack
of appreciation is due to lack of knowledge of other cultures and religions. Faith has become distorted
due to lack appreciation to oneself and others. Distorted
faith can never bring pea ce in
the world . Faith is distorted not because of others, but the responsibility lies on oneself.
We always insist
on others to believe in
the Good News Jesus brought to this world, but we fail to become believable.


Though faith is proclaimed today, it is assaulted everywhere because people do not believe
in the persons who proclaim.
As Bishop Pedro Casaldaliga has observed,
“It is not enough that we believe
but we need to become
believable”. Thomas Aquinas says,
“Lord I see only bread and taste only wine yet I believe
because you said so”. Many of us have not seen the Dead Sea. Yet we
believe it exists because of the person who has said it is reliable. We believe in Jesus because he rose to new life as he said . Since we lack credibility people assault missionaries and assault the faith we proclaim. Once faith is assaulted then peace can­ not prevail in the world .
So we need to reiterate that the mother of all the crises for missionaries is Faith crisis. Faith crisis is the only
crisis that we have. Cancer is not crisis because we are sure that all of us will die one day. An English lady, who saw Gandhi coming often to the deck of the ship during voyage to offer prayers, asked what he was doing. He said, “the fish cannot live out of the water so also I cannot out of God. You can cut me into pieces I may not die but kill my faith I will die”. So peace dies when there is no life in
faith. When we lose faith, we also lose peace.

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Blessed Bishop Fulton Sheen gives four stages in losing faith : 1. Neglect of prayer, 2. Substitution of work for prayer, 3. Giving up mortification,4. Craving to satisfy the emotions. We can easily identify that one leads to the next. To become credible minis­ ters of the Word,
we shall ask for fervent
faith that is nourished by prayer, work and suffering.
This will certainly help us bring peace in the world.


We are all called
to become the ministers of the
Gospel through our baptism. We all have the responsibility to bring the Good News to the poor and rich alike. We need to become
believable through our life and mission. Peace is something you have or do not have. If you are yourself at peace,then there is at least some peace
in the world.
Then share your peace with everyone, and everyone will be at peace. Faith is life which brings peace in the world