Year reason for steroid usage. One example

Year after year,
sports issues have arose. The topic of steroid use has been brought up and made
front headlines more frequently. We often hear about professional athletes and
Olympic athletes being stripped of their awards, records and medals because they
test positive for performance enhancing drugs. Professional athletes are often
called out for using steroids. The athletes think that taking steroids will
highly benefit their body and careers and boost them to a new level of
performance. What are the punishments for the people playing the sports and the
sport itself? How does it affect the fans? People watching the sport see
steroid usage as fraud, corruption and cheating, as well as the other players.
During the last 10 years, many sports analysts debate if the player’s
statistics should even matter anymore if players are cheating?


Sometimes there
may be a valid reason for steroid usage. One example shows the drug helping the
pain and to overcome a serious injury more efficiently. Steroids help speed up
the repair process by quickly restoring joint tissues so they can return to playing
as well as practicing. Steroid use increases the older the athlete gets because
their skill level decreases as well as there bodies functionality. By using
steroids the players keep a strong physical appearance, and keep up with the
sports endurance as the speeds up and continues, which will lengthen their
professional career in term they will make more money and have more fans.
Taking steroids will decrease the time on the sidelines through injury. The
most common reason for using steroids is to try to break records made by their
successors. P.E.D’s (performance Enhancing Drugs) will always linger sports, as
long as the players receive big paychecks and popularity from their great
achievements. Most players think it would be a great idea and that there are no
side effect at the time, but the fans hate it and it destroys all the
achievements you’ve completed because they think you’re a cheater

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Pro sports most
times have a terrible effect on the body as they are pushing themselves most
parts of the day everyday and have high chances of running into problems and
injuries during the high intensity seasons. When the pros run into injuries, it
can have detrimental effects on their career, which also has a big impact on
the team’s performance. As a player continues to use steroids for a prolonged
time, their body begins to have negative side effects from to the unnatural
change. Scientists report that the use of P.E.D’s raises the risk of suffering
from muscle, joint and tissue injuries later on in their career. What often
happens is that trainer will give steroids to the player and influence them to
take the drugs. They say there are little negative effects and it will speed up
the recovery process, to return to playing. In one survey that promised
confidentiality, it answered questions about steroid use through the football
seasons of around 2,500 retired football stars, the information showed that a lots
of the of the athletes used some sort of P.E.D. and many of those later on had
injuries. Steroids make you gain muscle rapidly in term makes you heavier,. As
the athlete strength quickly increases up they train harder and push their
bodies well past their limits, which often causes injury and joints to wear
down and grind.


As a professional’s
career is coming to the end, they go to steroids usage to push their bodies to
please the fans, teammates and coaches and continue their career for a few more
seasons. Also, the new players joining the sport join in and use steroids to
lengthen their future careers and continue to play the sport that they make
money from and love, as well as to take their skill to the next level. In MLB
lots of superstars like Manny Ramirez and Alex Rodriguez used steroids in the
late stages in their career so they could keep with the young stars, and be on
top of the stats chart. In the NFL the football players take steroids to keep
up with the other teams. This affects the older players on the teams because
they are at a disadvantage because there bodies have experienced more wear.


Usage of anabolic
steroids is forbidden across all sporting competitions and committees including
the Olympics. More and more athletes are using steroids and are getting banned
every year partly because they are very easy to obtain, in some countries you
can obtain them over the counter. With all these risks why would an athlete
choose steroids? It mostly is because the regulations aren’t enforced well and
many places bend the rules of steroid use in professional sport. A sports event
is supposed to show natural skill not synthetic skill obtained by doping.


In conclusion
sports will always have players who decide to take P.E.D’s. there are many
different reasons to take the drugs but its breaking the rules regardless.
Sadly it always will give them a bad reputation and are seen as outcasts and
cheaters. In my opinion steroids should taken serious and I think they should abolish
the making of steroids for usage in sports and if someone is caught they should
have serious consequences going their way. Its too bad that the abuse of
steroids still happens in sports seeing the history of the player that got
caught is never good, and all these athletes are seen as role models and kids
to strive to one day be as good as them.