Worry this case Firemole alarm sounds intimate

about the protection of your house from electrical fires we have a solution for
that in the form of Firemole. It is a device which you can easily attach with your phone, tablet and battery charger or even
directly with electrical devices. When they start overheating, Firemole monitors
temperature when it will detect the rise in temperature warn you by beeping. This
is powered by replaceable battery that last 18 months there is no need to
download any app to operate that. It’s a unique idea that will help to reduce
the number of house fires. Fire safety we must have concern about it
because if we don’t keep this thing in our mind than it will lead us towards
the devastating result so it’s better to prevent than cure.


How the chargers
can be dangerous? Official, manufacturer approved chargers, are much safer than
those cheap chargers you find in markets and on dodgy looking phone shops. Mostly
peoples leave the phone on charging over the night or charging on a bed which can
lead them to devastating results. Kids usually don’t have an idea how to charge
there tablets or phones so here again Firemole plays an important role to keep our
kids safe from electrical fires while attaching it on their phone on tablets

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Sometimes the
genuine chargers pose a risk, this risk is dramatically increased when using
knock off phone chargers. These cheap chargers usually skip several
quality control processes, also the cost is very low.


why Firemole? Most of the people will ask that. Every home has different safety
devices for different purposes but we don’t have particular device for electrical
fire safety so Firemole plays their role whenever you forget to switch off your
electrical appliance and risk of fire is higher so in this case Firemole alarm
sounds intimate you to disconnect your appliance from electric.


Here are some
salient features of Firemole which makes you compelled to have that in your

Built in alarm triggered at
temperatures over 54C or 129F 

Test/Silence button

No need of technical knowledge

Low battery warning


Small in size (49mm long x 37mm
wide x 9mm deep)

Replaceable battery


As many of us have confusion that how this
device can be used and how we have to install it? Very simple just remove it
from the packaging, pull the plastic tab, remove the double sided tape strip
and then stick it to your device or charger that’s how simple it is to install.


Right now Firemole has no app on which user can
get notifications about alarms but it’s in the pipeline in future it will be
introduced and be more user friendly to have that in their home.


will highly recommend that we must have that gadget at our home to keep us safe
from electrical fire hazards now the control is in your hand and you will be aware
about the rise in temperature of your electrical appliances on time to be the
safe one.