Within exercises, members learned to handle differences with

Within three months, my neighborhood had already encountered ten robberies. Residents could no longer hold in their tolerance. A firm believer in justice, I established the Three Oaks Committee in hopes of saving our community. Every Sunday morning, a meeting was held to address any demands or concerns. The first priority was to hire a security patrol watch. After extensive research, I found one that was reasonably priced and efficient: World Private Security. Flyers, in both English and Chinese, were designed and hung around the neighborhood to raise awareness. Residential support was booming. Since I was always great with money, I managed and processed the monthly $100 fee. As for the members, I instructed them to update status on anything regarding the agency, such as working hours, through a group chat made for residents.  Two months later, all those head-scratching moments, hard work, and 10 AM meetings paid off. The robberies steadily ceased. Three Oaks was beginning to feel like home again, just like we envisioned. Regardless, the experience was not so simple. There were critical moments when I questioned our ability as a team. It was nearly impossible for members to reach an agreement. To some, the agency was beneficial. To others, it was useless. Dismayed by the lack of progress and collaboration, I reminded everyone about our purpose: to accommodate, persevere, and reform.  With the situation at stake, a sense of urgency set in. We were formed to represent the neighborhood, not to disintegrate it. I adopted a different course that encompassed laughter and cohesion. Through team-building exercises, members learned to handle differences with grace, trust, and tranquility. Our support system was greater than ever. By reinforcing enthusiasm and responsibility, we grew as a team. Leadership, I define, is not about having a position- it is a means of eliciting people’s greatest potential in pursuit of a common goal. I seized the opportunity to lead others by lifting visions, igniting purposes, and channeling energy at a stellar level. Leadership is a strong combination of stamina and tenacity- qualities I am proud to have.