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With your straw sitting between your two dainty fingers, you gnawed on your lower lip, now beginning to stir the straw around in your glass. You were starting to become bored and you began to pity yourself. A feeling you genuinely hated. If you had to imagine a more perfect evening than this one, you most definitely could. You had been sitting at a small table in your favorite restaurant, a usually cozy place with ambient lighting and mostly friendly staff. The usual soft chatter and the clinking of delicate champagne glasses mixed nicely with a familiar piano melody coming from the front of the restaurant. You ran your nimble fingertips along the edge of the royal blue vase sitting in the middle of the table, feeling how the candle inside warmed the rim.Everything was just perfect.Everything, of course, except for the fact that your boyfriend wasn’t here yetYou should have known, really. Your boyfriend had a habit of being late, and frequently disappeared for days on end with little explanation. You knew that he needed to travel for his job, but if you were being honest, you still weren’t entirely sure what it was he did for a living. He was a mysterious man with many secrets, but as the months went by of unspoken words shared with eachother, you just weren’t sure if you could bare it for any longer. Of course you adored your boyfriend, you loved him with every ounce of your being. He made you happy.. when he wasn’t away or busy. Lately he seemed to choose work over you, it was okay though, you accepted it, he needed to work, but it happened way too often for your liking. And this hadn’t been the first time he stood you up. Without his presence a strange silence hung in the air, and you didn’t know how to fill it.You heaved a frustrated sigh and checked the time. Your reservations had been made for seven o’clock. It was seven-twenty. There was still time though, you reasoned. Maybe the traffic had been particularly bad today. Maybe he’d walk in any minute now, flashing that cute grin and offering a apology for being late for too your two-year anniversary. Your gaze constantly shifted over to the door, though it remained shut.Unrolling the immaculately white napkin from the silverware, you arranged it delicately on your lap. Then you hastily folded it back up again, fearing that you looked too impatient. “Are you ready to order?” A hesitant voice drew you from your thoughts for the fourth time that night making you jump. You glared up at the kind waitress, Rose was her name. She had become a friend of yours whenever you visited and was acquainted with your boyfriend. Whenever you came, you specifically requested to have her as your waiter, of course she never refused. “Sorry, not yet, Rose,” You huffed, “Could I have a little more time please? I’m still waiting for my boyfriend.” You shoulders slumped slightly, an action you immediately regretted although it was involuntary. She placed her hand onto your shoulder in a comforting gesture, “Alright. I’ll be back soon.” She assured, but she paused before leaning down to your ear, “But the guy’s a jerk for making you wait so long hon, you don’t deserve that kind of treatment.” Her look was sympathetic, and you were so thankful to have her as an actual friend outside of the restaurant. “Thank you.” You offered her a small smile to which she responded to with a gentle squeeze of your shoulder. You planned to wait for a few minutes longer, you weren’t in any rush. You weren’t even that hungry yet.It was half past seven now, your boyfriend was still nowhere to be found, and more people were beginning to notice you sitting all alone in the corner. The pool of melted wax around the candle’s flickering flame was growing by the minute. You drummed your fingertips along the edge of the round table, the silverware rattled with each thump of your nails. At seven forty-five, Rose stopped by and brought you a glass of water. You thanked her quietly and took a small sip before setting it down. By eight-ten, people were beginning to glance at you out of the corner of their eyes. You heard hushed whispers of sympathy and felt your face grow hot out of embarrassment, surely everyone in the room knew you had been stood up. Quickly, you took a sip of water to cool down and made yourself busy by staring down at your dimly lit phone screen. If your boyfriend hadn’t arrived soon, you promised yourself you’d leave without another word. Another ten minutes flew by and you finally came to the decision that enough was enough. While you still had your dignity, you knew it was time to go. You chewed on your lower lip as your eyes scanned the room for Rose, you were ready to hunt her down so you could pay for your drinks and be on your way. You were going to have a nice long chat with your boyfriend when he’d finally decide to talk to you. Stupid boyfriend, you thought. And stupid me for falling for him.Your eyes began to sting, and you stubbornly willed them to stop. You couldn’t cry now. Not when all these people were murmuring about the poor girl who got stood up and giving you those apologetic looks. Glancing at the door, you wondered just how you would be able to exit without attracting too much attention.Suddenly you heard the squeaking of the chair being pulled out from the other side of the table. Your eyes quickly darted towards the young stranger who now sat across from you, giving you his warmest smile. “I’m so sorry, babe.” He announced rather loudly, you had realized he was doing this on purpose, making sure the people who pitied you could hear. “I got out of work late and traffic was horrible, you must be starving.” He leaned down towards you, dropping his voice so that only you could hear him. “I’m Grayson, whoever stood you up is a dick. It’s okay if I join you right?” You gave him a curt nod before your lips pulled up into half a smile, “It’s fine.” You lowered your voice as well, “My asshole of a boyfriend decided to ditch me.” You added with a frown, watching as Grayson made himself comfortable. You took in his appearance, wavy brunette hair, slicked back with a swift brush of his hand and sparkling hazel eyes. Plump lips and high cheekbones, a button nose and sharp jaw, the sharpest one you had ever seen to be honest and you found it to be a struggle not to stare to long, so you simply looked down at your menu. However, you couldn’t help but glance at his well fitted t-shirt, molding perfectly around his built figure and bulging muscles, you mentally scolded yourself for gawking at another man you had just met, but secretly you were glad this stranger who had slipped into the seat besides you was as dashing as the ones in fairytales.Grayson shrugged his coat off his arms, draping it over the chair behind him while shifting his gaze to your partially teary eyes. “Well, he’s an idiot for ditching a girl like you.” You swallowed thickly, your fingers working around the napkin folded neatly onto your lap, “He is, isn’t he?” You murmured quietly. Soon Rose arrived to your table, smiling kindly at the stranger sitting opposite of you, “Hey Gray.” She greeted, you cocked an eyebrow while looking between the two, realizing that they knew eachother. “Hey Rose,” He nodded his head, glancing up from his menu to give her a breathtaking smile. “The regular?” She inquired, an almost teasing smile hinting at her expression. “Duh,” Grayson added with a snort, you giggled softly and quickly caught yourself. “You as well, Y/N?””Oh, yeah.” You nodded with what you were sure was a slightly embarrassed look, but Grayson seemed to find it amusing. As soon as Rose left, you found yourself staring down at your folded hands, your face becoming flushed. “So, any idea why the asshole stood you up?” You shook your head and pursed your lips into a firm line, “Today’s our anniversary..” You sighed as Grayson’s grin drooped, “Oh.. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t hav-” You waved your hand dismissively, “It’s fine honestly, he’s a jerk anyways.” You giggled as Grayson slowly began to smile once more. Before you knew it, two hours had passed, drinks were drunken and meals were eaten, and Grayson, gentleman that he was, had insisted on paying the check. As he opened the checkbook and put down a generous tip, you found yourself wishing that the night would never end.”Hey, Gray?”He closed the checkbook and met your eyes. “Yeah?””Thank you for saving me from a terrible night. I can’t ever repay you.” Grayson chuckled before running a hand through his brown locks, “Don’t sweat it. I liked hanging out with you, you’re great company.” He added with a smile. You glanced down anxiously, picking at a loose thread on the tablecloth, you still had feelings for your boyfriend, but you couldn’t help but wonder what was more important than this milestone? And not even a text? He left your blood boiling at the thought of it, and you couldn’t help yourself from leaning forward and placing a fleeting peck to Grayson’s lips. Quirking an eyebrow, he glared at you with a small smirk etched onto his face, “What was that?” You smiled, giving him a quick shrug of your shoulders whilst standing to slip on your jacket. Grayson followed and paused to look at you. He laced his fingers with yours and pulled you in close, your chest bumping into his own, “I had a great time.. babe.” He cooed into the shell of your ear. You felt the hairs on the nape of your neck stick up straight and tall, shockwaves rippling throughout your entire body at the feeling of Grayson’s lips grazing your cheek hotly.”Me too..” You breathed hesitantly. You found yourself gripping onto Grayson’s coat to remain steady, your knuckles turning white as your eyes fell shut. “So.. do you want to come back to my place?” And there it was, the question that you’d both known was coming about five minutes into this evening’s conversation. It had been asked with a respectful tentativeness but with enough confidence that you could see he was fairly certain what the answer would be, without being arrogant. His head had tilted to one side in question, his eyes steadily fixed on yours. Grayson flexed his jaw, “Are you sure?” It seemed like you both knew what you were asking, he didn’t want you to regret it later and frankly, he didn’t want to be labeled as just your rebound, but maybe something more. You gulped and leaned forward, now your lips brushed against the few days of stubble that had grown on his chin as you opened up your mouth to speak. You couldn’t find your words and you found yourself blushing as you felt Grayson’s arms coil around your waist, “Very sure.” You finally answered. Grayson pulled away, a handsome smirk plastered onto his face as he led you towards the exit, “You’re in for the ride of your life, baby.”The uber to your apartment was filled with silences that seemed to crackle. It wasn’t uncomfortable, it was that there was an extremely high amount of sexual tension that laced the air. A warm palm rested on your mid-thigh, his deft fingers massaging the skin there soothingly as you talked – and then suddenly the gap between you was closed. Grayson twisted his fingers into your hair at the back of your head as he drew your face to his. It relaxed you, kissing him, like filling your lungs with air after holding your breath for an impossible amount of time. It frustrated you, it was enough but then again it wasn’t. It fulfilled you and left you wanting more. The kiss continued in the elevator and only grew more desperate against your apartment door as you fumbled with the key. The door finally swung open and he, before you could step backwards, ran his hands purposefully down your thighs, hooked them around the backs and lifted you against him. You let out a mewl of surprise as your legs parted and you landed against his lower abs, your legs resting on his hips, his arms wrapped around and under your ass, his hands under your dress.Your arms wound themselves around his neck and you dipped your head to catch his mouth once more as he took forward steps into the room. You ran the tip of your tongue along his lower lip in sinful movements, making him emit a heavenly sounding moan. The room was shrouded in darkness but Grayson seemed to know where he was going, even if he had never stepped foot into your apartment once. You didn’t focus on anything other than kissing him and the scratch of his scruff against your sensitive skin. You wanted it all over you, you wanted to feel it between your legs as they trembled, your nails raking at his head as you begged for mercy. You wanted everything your boyfriend couldn’t give you. You felt him shift you upwards a little before your backside was rested on a cold surface. You moaned against his mouth and then pulled back, blinking, trying to make out where you were and letting your eyes adjust to the darkness, the dim lights from the city beyond the window giving you a small ounce of vision. You finally realized that you were on your kitchen counter, the hard marble beneath you was cool and smooth. Your thighs tightened around him and you crossed your ankles behind his back as he settled his weight against you. Your gaze met and the only sound in the room was both your ragged breaths. He planted a kiss against your mouth again before moving south, trailing kisses along your jaw and down your neck before sucking on your collarbone and shoulders. You swatted him on the arm and made a noise of indignation but you were unable to actually pull yourself away. “No marks, b-boyfriend.” You gasped out. You felt Grayson groan against you and you quietly giggled to yourself. “Whatever you say, no marks. Visible ones at least.”You felt his rough hand cup your breast, palming it through your dress, and then there was a pressure, pushing you backwards gently. “Lie down babe, let me do my exploring.” You let out your fifth giggle tonight and lowered your back to the counter top, feeling his hands trace down your body. You felt undeniably sexy at this moment, your boyfriend and the consequences of tomorrow far from your mind as you awaited the pleasure Grayson would bestow upon you. His lean body was invisible in the darkened room from this position and it only heighten your senses. You didn’t want to even try and predict what he was going to do next, the not-knowing made everything even more exciting.You could feel him breathing through your dress as he traveled down your stomach, every inch of progress further south making your breath hitch. He hadn’t even touched you underneath your dress yet but you were tingling, the heat spreading throughout your body in anticipation. His hands had been roaming your thighs and now they dipped under your hem, pushing your dress up to reveal your lace underwear.Kisses trailed up your legs and just before his mouth made contact where you most needed it, he sucked on the skin on your inner thigh, hard. That made you sit up straight, “No marks!” You whined. Grayson grinned, “I know, has your boyfriend even been down here?” He teased, you felt your cheeks redden and you began to think of a reply but were cut short when you felt as his thumb pressed against your clit through the lace of your underwear. He stroked up and down, the friction of the material against your flushed, swollen skin was delicious. You laid back down again, your jaw slack and your breathing becoming increasingly erratic.”N-no,” You managed to get out, your voice barely above a whisper. “Oh? So he’s never fingered you?” Grayson added more pressure, his thumb pressing down harder onto your sensitive nub making you elicit a high pitched moan. “Never even tasted this pussy?” You felt the warmth of his mouth near your heat, and then the wetness of his tongue lick a stripe up your already soaked panties making you shudder. You nodded eagerly, already forgetting that you were lying down and that it was dark. “Was that a yes? I can’t tell in this light. Wait, hang on.”And he was gone. No touches and no tongue, you felt immediate disappointment well within you but then a soft light made your surroundings a little more visible. “That’s better. I can see you now,” He approached you slowly, “Don’t you look pretty, all spread out on this kitchen counter? You’re practically dripping..” He sighed contently, mostly to himself as he laid his weight over you again, leaning flush against your body to kiss you deeply. You arched against him, lifting your hips to press them into his. His fingers slipped under the sides of your underwear, hooked around the material and then started tugging them away from you while your ass was lifted high off the counter. He pulled back to slide them down your legs and over the heels still strapped to your feet before tossing them towards the sofa. His hands traveled back the way they came, skimming over the smooth skin of your legs, back up your body, pushing your legs as far apart as you could go and you knew, that you were about to get the thing you most wanted.And then he was right there, hovering but not quite touching, about to delve into the depths of which your boyfriend’s never explored… at least with his mouth. You squirmed under his callous hands, trying to close the gap between your heat and his mouth. You wanted his tongue on you”Patience baby girl, we’ve got all night.” Somewhere in your brain, you knew that his words were a lie. That you were going to have sex, fall asleep and then he’d sneak out without another word, but for now, this moment was all that mattered. He was still teasing. Soft whispers of kisses against your smooth skin, his hands anchoring your legs so that you couldn’t move. “Grayson, please,” You sobbed. You were throbbing, the pressure building and building inside you, making the heat between your inner thighs ache for his touch. His mouth was against the inner crease of your thigh when you felt him smile. Jerk. But then suddenly, finally, at last his tongue was against you lapping in slow, broad strokes, tasting you, savoring you. You let out a breath you hadn’t realized you’d been holding in a half whine, half groan. It felt so good. He felt so good. His tongue explored your depths as his hands and mouth had done to your body earlier, probing, licking, sucking, flicking, and dipping. Your muscles stiffened and relaxed in waves as each one of his movements turned you up a notch. The counter was soothingly cold against your overheated skin and you rolled against it, wreathing against Grayson’s mouth as he licked inside you. You were vaguely aware that sounds were leaving the back of your throat but they were incoherent nothings, just a reaction to the delicious torture this man was inflicting on you. Then he swiveled upwards, his tongue circling towards your clit, his scruff leaving a trail of burning sensation as he went. As soon as he was swirling around that swollen, tender nub, two fingers were pushed inside of you, gently parting as he pumped them in and out, stretching and manipulating you. Then he started humming.. on purpose.”Holy fuck!” You cried, the sensation of his mouth’s vibrations sent shocks up your spine and forced your back upright. You were met with the devilishly sexy sight of his head between your legs. He looked up at you, smiling against your clit and you ran your fingers through his soft hair, urging him on, your new sitting position making you feel his fingers go deeper inside you.You were so damn close, your orgasm building, your muscles beginning to tighten in readiness. You were panting, gasping, your chest heaving, barely able to stand it. At that moment he did two things: on the outside, his gentle swirling sped up and the diameter of those circles shrunk so that the pressure was constant right on the top of your clit; on the inside, he curled his fingers up slightly, searching for your g-spot, a sound of triumph leaving him when your sharp gasp indicated that he had found it. Two more pumps and you were finished, coming undone spectacularly against his mouth and around his fingers. Wave after wave crashed over you and you were helpless, adrift at sea. He coaxed you through it, your legs shaking, your hands clutching his head to you, not wanting that mouth to ever stop. Your hips rolled against him, acting on nothing but animal instinct.As you peaked and came down from your high, you dropped backwards against the counter and Grayson pulled away and out of you, kissing his way back up your body. You held one hand in your hair, trying to catch your breath, barely able to believe what you’d just experienced. He found his way to your mouth and you could taste a mixture of champagne and yourself when he kissed you deeply. A giggle escaped you and he pulled back, only an inch from your face. “Fuck, Gray, that was..” words escaped you but you hoped your wide eyed expression and the disbelief on your face did the talking for you. He chuckled softly, “I’m just glad I got a taste.” He stroked back the disheveled hair from your face and you suddenly began to feel strung out under his weight. He was still standing between your legs and although he still had his jeans on, you could feel his bulging hardness pressing against you.”I think we both need to shed some clothes..” you cooed against his mouth when he dipped his head to yours again, “You especially.” You added with a hum. “Agreed,” He murmured faintly, “I want to fucking pound you senseless.””Yes please…” You practically whined, using your knees to nudge his hips back so that you could sit up fully. His arms hooked under your knees to pull your chest flush against his, you gasped as how hard he yanked you forward, but he only devilishly smirked. You ran your hands up his shirt, feeling the curves, dips and divots of his perfect physique. You hiked it up to his arms and he helped, gripping the hems and ridding himself of the clothing hastily. Your eyes raked down from his handsome face down to his chiseled body and you pulled your lower lip into your mouth at the sight of the smooth planes of his chest and abs. The man was a fucking god among men and you were the lucky lady that was going to get to fuck him tonight. Your mouth was just watering.”Hey, eyes up here,” Grayson teased you, gesturing to the upper part of his face. You smiled coyly, your hands reaching for his belt buckle and tugging him forward. His mouth found yours as you dipped your fingers to revel in the feeling of Grayson’s muscled hips, his prominent V-line and rock hard stomach against your petite hands. With the slightest bit of struggle, you managed to undo his belt and slide down his zipper. Grayson’s breath hitched when he felt your skin graze his sensitivity, your smile growing as well as his erection. Before you had the chance to sink your fingers into his boxers, Grayson’s arms snaked around your waist, hoisting you up into the air as you locked your ankles behind his back for support. Your arms locked around his thick neck, your cheek smushed up against his, his stubble rutting against you as he stumbled into your bedroom