With neuronal and supporting cells that communicate in

         With the increase in the
ageing population, neurodegenerative disease is highly destructive to families
and raises a huge burden on the society. The central nervous system (CNS)
consisting brain and spinal cord is extraordinarily complex; they consist of a
well organized network of neuronal and supporting cells that communicate in a
highly specialized way. One approach to dealing problems of such complexity is
to address the scientific questions in simpler, yet analogous systems. The
fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster, has been
proven enormously useful as a model organism, enabling many major discoveries
in neuroscientific disease research. A combination of key factors make Drosophila a uniquely powerful animal model
for neuroscience studies: short life cycle; fast and simple gene manipulation;
organizational similarity of drosophila
brain with the human brain, smaller genome size etc. 

are steroid hormones that regulate the development and maintenance of male
characteristics in vertebrates by binding to androgen receptors.
Antagonists of androgen, antiandrogens are a class of drugs which prevents
androgen from mediating their biological effects in the body. However only
males are affected by expanded polyQ which houses itself in the N-terminal A/B
domain of human androgen receptor (hAR) which causes spinal and bulbar muscular
atrophy(SBMA) which happens to be an excellent form of degenerative disorder (exclusive
to males).

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objective will be (a) to study the neurodegenerative effect of androgen on male
Drosophila model to eventually
estimate its effect on human and (b) to study if addition of the antagonist of androgen
is able suppress the neurodegenerative effect 
and if the antagonist is unable to do so, then what  may prevent this neurodegeneration. Studying
of the above two factors will be useful for drug development and for genetic
screening for factors involved in androgen induced neurodegeneration.