Why a good theory that explains and predicts

Why do we do what we do or act the way?

we act let’s start with an example say

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you want to buy a new smartphone what

exactly influences this decision you may

start reading about available phones out

there and form an opinion about which

one is best for you you may talk to

friends and see what they think about

the phones currently on the market you

may go to a store and test a few or get

some advice from a sales guy you may

even do all of this and with everything

that’s available to you at some stage

you make a decision in buying one a good

theory that explains and predicts how

such behaviors form is called the theory

of planned behavior it’s built out of a

number of constructs the first one is

the attitude towards the act or behavior

that’s an individual’s belief of a

certain behavior or act makes a positive

or negative contribution to that

person’s life then the smartphone

example it means that you either believe

that buying a certain phone makes sense

for you or not or which phone makes the

most sense for you a second construct is

called subjective norm this construct

focuses on everything around the

individual in other words his or her

social network cultural norms group

beliefs and so on back to the smartphone

example you will already have an opinion

or former believed as to what others

think about you having that phone or not

having it and that believe again

influences your decision a third

construct is called perceived

behavioural control and what this

construct actually expresses is a

person’s belief on how easy or hard it

is to display certain behavior or act in

a certain way again in the smartphone

case you might pick up a few of them in

a store and form an opinion on how easy

or hard it is for you to handle each one

what the theory now actually predicts is

that a positive attitude towards the act

or behavior favorable social norms and a

high level of perceived behavioral

control are the best predictors for

forming a behavioral intention and in

turn lead to a displayed behavior or act

in other words it predicts that if you

think a certain smartphone is a good

idea and you believe everyone else

thinks it’s a good idea

and you believe you can actually handle

it you’ll get that phone if one of those

constructs is unfavorable so if you

think it doesn’t make much sense for you

to get a particular phone or you think

others don’t think it’s a good idea or

you’re going to be right out of your

comfort zone handling it you’re much

less likely to get that particular phone

and the likelihood decreases if two or

even three out of these constructs are

unfavorable plant behavior is up to

today one of the best predictors and

theories used in marketing if we look

into the tech world we’re seeing

examples everywhere information is

abundant for us to form our opinions and

infomercials everywhere we see ratings

reviews and discussions about every

product and service out there and we’re

being told that people who buy what we

are about to buy are also buying this

other thing and finally we’re prompted

everywhere to test almost every web

platform or service out there before we

subscribe to see if we can actually

handle it and also if it makes sense for

us all of this in combination

contributes to us making a decision and

modern marketing needs to master all

these avenues to successfully place a

service or product to digital natives

spending their time on the Internet