Why school people ran up to me trying

Why does nobody listen to a 15 year old boy because i look 7. Even though i’m smarter than 70% of tem it doesn’t matter i don’t know what i’m talking about i never do. Maybe if someone listen for once they may learn something. Like the one time when my teacher put something in the microwave and i told them it was going to blow up. The  thing inside didn’t blow up the who microwave blew up but if she would listen to me she would  still have her fifth finger. Days went on and on nobody still listen to my 4 foot 9 self. Those days got worse and worse not because nobody listen to me i started to get really sick and i couldn’t stop after my fifth day of being sick i decided to tell my mom to take me to the doctors  we should up to my doctor Mr.Michael he was 6´6 and very nice always gave me the new i wanted to hear but today was different. After a lot of test he came back with a different look not one i have ever seen in his face. “Richard and mrs.john i have very bad news.” He pulled Deb out of the room she came back crying i’ve never seen her like this before.”Richard you have stage 4 cancer and you only have 40 days to live” said Mr.Michael. I didn’t cry i just didn’t know what to do. I looked at my mom and he was just crying i just sat on the brown bed 3 feet above the ground. I jumped down grabbed my moms hand and i yanked her so we can go. That day i just didn’t talk i just sat there looking at my little sister and my older brother. News gets around quick when i got at school people ran up to me trying to give me hugs  and talk to me i did what i always do keep walking and ignore all of it. School was not much different from home i just sat there and looked at everyone and they at me. One thing i heard a lot was when are u going to lose that hair. I didn’t really think about that though i knew it was going to come very very soon. School went by fast and everything at home for the first week then it seemed like i hit a brick wall. Everything came to a stop and i started taking medicine i didn’t really know the point of it since i was going to die. At school i changed when people tried to talk to me