When specialist whom we are lacking and

When I am asked by my fellow members in a company that, why we are not gaining in our website promotion or in other words why our ranking is not gaining in the world of internet, I tend to tell them that, this the work of SEO specialist whom we are lacking and in this high tech world we should look for the professionals in that regard.  I am going to list down here with detail what a SEO specialist actually does for the living and why and how we acquire him.



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1.    What is an SEO Specialist?


1.1   What is the meaning of SEO Specialist?


1.2 What Is a Modern SEO Specialist?


1.3 What is the role and Responsibilities of an SEO Specialist?


      1.4 Why SEO Specialist so important?


2.    What is an SEO skill?


2.1  What are the skills required for SEO?



3.    What is the salary range of a SEO specialist?


4.    How to find the SEO Specialist?



5.    How to hire SEO Specialist



1.     What is an SEO Specialist?


You might have heard about the term SEO optimization. If you haven`t heard about it, then what this basically means that SEO (Search engine optimization) helps people to find products or informative things on the search engines like google, yahoo or Bing.


A SEO specialist is an expert of his field and he employs the strategies or tools to make sure that specific website or product is ranking high in the search engine whenever you try to search that or something relevant to that. In simplest of terms the SEO specialist makes sure that your website is ranked high in the search engine and every person or traffic is coming to your website according to the SEO guidelines and search engine platform



1.1             What is the meaning of SEO Specialist?


For the layman the easiest meaning of SEO specialist we could think of is “A man who specializes in SEO (Search engine optimization) for improving the ranking of the websites or products you have on the internet.

1.2             What is a modern SEO specialist?


With the technology and traffic getting tougher and modern by the day, we need the SEO specialist who works on the tools which are optimized enough to work in the modern world of search engines. This is the work of modern specialist but what exactly modern specialist means.


In the old times, it was a piece of cake for the SEO specialist to make your website high in ranking on the search engines but now, with time passing the search engine asking more effort by the specialist. A simple Search on the google engine in the old times would have being very easy to optimize for our good than, what we have. Let’s assume we search the word “dog”. This google search will bring the search results of companies who are dealing in dogs or Wikipedia article about it or some videos on the YouTube which are funny and attractive for people who are into dogs. We have a parlor for dogs but why our website is not ranking top on the list? What can the SEO specialist do to make your website go high in the search results?


This is the task of the modern specialist. He needs to have the skills needed for the optimization of the website according to modern era. He should have some basic skills for modern specialization of SEO like,

·         He should be fearless about any research he requires for tools to make the website go higher in the rankings. Like searching for keywords which will fulfil his task

·         He should be creative and multi-talented

·         Should make a decision from the scratch

·         Be versatile in terms of problem solving

·         Prioritize the strategies according to need

·         Write engaging content for the website to come high in search engines


These are some of the skills a modern specialist works on for the best outcome for the website ranking gaining in search engine



1.3             What is the role and responsibilities of SEO specialist?

The role of the SEO specialist doesn`t end on the place where you are just having a bit of tweak of your website and few of your links scattered around for people to see. With the modern era approaching the SEO specialist needs to make sure that, he is following the modern SEO strategies to make the website on top of the ranking at all times. The SEO specialist should be on the ball all the time to make the website ranking maximized.

The SEO specialist should be concerned about the traffic of the website he is authorized to work on, to make sure that every traffic around the web is coming to his website. He should try every trick in the book, every strategy he knows to make the best out of it for the good of the website. A good SEO Specialist knows his responsibilities and without asking anyone the criteria, he will work on the solutions.

1.4             Why SEO Specialist is so important?


If you are willing to maximize your business by improving the traffic of your website, then the best approach or best path you can choose could be for asking the SEO specialist to work on it. He will work on your website by tweaking it by some strategies so that every traffic or most of the traffic comes to your website and your business gets popular around with flourishing by the day.


2.     What is the SEO skill?

The SEO skills means that what are the skills the SEO require from the specialist to get the website optimizations and the traffic on search engine maximized by those skills.

There are many skills to be named regarding this but the major skills which are in the modern circle are few.



2.1   What are the skills required for SEO?



A SEO specialist will work on the skill to improve traffic on search engine of your website. Those skills which are around to be helping the SEO are

  Link development 

             Knowledge of search engine boosters

            Knowledge of language

            Knowledge of HTML

Knowledge of planning, budgeting which will show you what paid promotions could give your help you with


3.     What is the salary range of SEO specialist?

A SEO specialist is not just sitting on a computer and trying his luck but, he is using every tactic, every strategy in the book to make sure that your website gets the appropriate traffic. He is using the keywords which are trending and the Meta tags which are going to highlight the title of your website. These are hard tasks and if you are willing to hire a SEO specialist then you should make sure that you will be paying them a hell lot of money.

With different countries asking for different type of approaches in this field the specialists put different type of strategies to complement the tasks. With USA being on top on average they pay their Specialist around $30,000 to $60,000. This is pay scale which doesn`t put the salary of those you are experienced in the field.

Other countries pay something similar to it in their local currency but on average the pay scale of SEO specialist is something like this.





4.     How to find a SEO specialist?


In order to get the SEO specialist, there is a nee that you find the appropriate one and in the right amount of money. if you will for the agency who specializes in these thing then, they might charge you a lot of money.

You can try the trick of finding the specialist by posting on the social media your task and the pay scale you are offering by just giving the idea.

Many freelancer are there who will assist you in this matter and will be really happy to apply for your firm. By this mode you will not only be able to hire the one whom you like but also it will add to your experience what type of SEO specialists are around and how you are going to engage with them effectively. This mode has been tried by lots of firms by even posting on freelancing websites like fiver, up work, freelancer and so on. To my knowledge these strategies have worked for the companies and they are happy to get their website tweaked with success.


5.     How to hire an SEO specialist?


There are some questions or queries you need to ask the Specialist in order to hire him

Could you tell me about the past clients you had?

A respectable SEO expert ought to be available to sharing a short rundown of ebb and flow and previous customers and his or her contact data.

These references can enable you to measure how powerful the competitor is, and in addition check that the individual did undoubtedly take a shot at particular SEO battles. Customers may not give particular investigation, Fox says, but rather they ought to have the capacity to in any event let you know whether they saw a positive effect on their inquiry positioning, particularly in changes and in picking up a group of people, as an immediate consequence of the expert’s endeavors.


Would you be able to ensure my site will accomplish a main positioning on Google, Bing and Yahoo?


In the event that the competitor answers yes, “Turn and keep running the other way as quick as possible. We know that, it’s difficult to ensure a main positioning on any web crawler, but some untrustworthy SEO advisors do make such false assurances.


Think of it as a warning if the competitor cases to have an insider association with Google or some other web search tool that will get you need list items rankings. Just Google, Bing and Yahoo can control how high or low sites show up in their query items.


Will you impart to me all progressions you make to my site?


Website streamlining will probably require various changes to your current page coding. It’s critical to know precisely what modifications the expert intends to make and on what number of website pages. On the off chance that you might want the contender to get your authorization before getting to and modifying your site code, make certain to say as much.


For instance, will specialists add new title labels to your current HTML code or alter the current ones? Will they give extra copywriting content featuring your items and administrations to amplify the quantity of noticeable, on-page catchphrases pertinent to your potential clients? Furthermore, do they intend to overhaul all or some of your site route or add new pages to your site?


How would you analyze the accomplishment of your SEO strategies?


To check the achievement of SEO endeavors, you should track precisely how much movement is being sent to your site and where it is originating from. Specialists ought to be knowledgeable about utilizing Google Analytics to track change in your webpage’s web index rankings, the quantity of connections from different sites directing people to yours, the sorts of catchphrases searchers use to discover your website, and considerably more.


Make sure to ask how frequently they intend to share these vital investigation with you and how they would utilize the information to consistently enhance your web search tool rankings and site movement.


In what capacity will we convey and how regularly?


Web optimization specialists’ correspondence styles and client benefit models shift. You have to discover somebody whose approach best fits your necessities. Inquire as to whether the applicant likes to talk face to face or by means of telephone, Skype, messaging or email. Furthermore, discover how regularly he or she will connect with you with announcements.


What are your expenses and installment terms?


You have to know the amount you’ll be charged, obviously, and furthermore whether the advisor gets paid hourly, by retainer or by venture. Undertaking based installments are the most well-known in the SEO counseling industry, and they can change broadly, contingent upon a venture’s size and intricacy.