What rescued, and he never underestimated the power

What is
a good leader? Or what is makes a good leader? A person who is good looking,
who has a lot of money or who has a big villa? Of course not, what really makes
a good leader is the one who is self
motivated, hard work, and Responsible. In the novel of LORD OF THE FLIES by William Golding,
what I think is Ralph must be the leader. I see that three qualities in Ralph
what I said earlier.

Self motivation, for a leader is one of the most
important quality of a leader. Self motivation covers Confident, stress free,
and some other things. So, as we see Ralph in the novel that how he was self
motivated, we see how he had a hope that they will be rescued one day. He kept
saying that we must keep the fire burning as a sign for rescue. When some of
them were saying there is no way to be rescued but he had self confident that
“Yes! We will be rescued”.

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Hard work, is one another best personality
of a leader. When you work without loosing your zeal then the people in your
team will also try to do their best and do hard work. We see Ralph in the story
that how he was doing hard work to make the shelters, to keep the fire burning
and to keep the group together. I think that makes him a good leader because a
good hard worker leader never gives up! He did not give up and kept doing his
best to help everyone to be rescued, and he never underestimated the power of
hard work.

Responsible team leader never protest that
something is not their work. They are ready to do whatever it takes complete
the work by their organization. A good responsible leader knows what they are
supposed to do. Ralph as a chief or a leader knew what he wanted to do for the
team and he did them all. Ralph made the shelters, he said they must keep the
fire burning, he had the full authority to control all the boys, so he did so.

He divided the works among the boys. That helped them all being a good leader.

A good
leader always knows the different between leader and boss. A leader knows the
difference between “I” and “we”. A good leader is the person who is hard
worker, responsible, and self-motivated, and if don’t have any one of these
qualities then you cannot be a good leader. In my opinion that’s what makes
Ralph a good leader! 

A good leader
believes in team work!