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What is SEO? What are the Common Myths currently present among businesses related to SEO? & can these Myths be successfully clarified?If you own a business nowadays, you have to give it a concrete presence over the Internet, otherwise you have lost half the Market battle. This is because, gone are the days when you could indulge in traditional marketing ways for your business products and services, such as Billboards, Ads in Brochures & Newspaper, etc. With the Digital Revolution, and with the entry of the concept of Digital Marketing, it is the need of the hour for every business to have its own website, or else at least have its products and services marketed on popular e-commerce websites. But having your own business website is more preferable as it helps you to build your own brand image.Once you create your Business Website and post your range of products or services for marketing and online sale purpose, you are all set to grow over the digital market. But how will you obtain a customer base online? How can you covert potential customers into actual consumers? The answer is – “Search Engine Optimization”(SEO). SEO in Layman’s language refers to channelizing maximum online users search traffic to your business website. This means on various search engines, when any Internet user searches for a particular word (aka Keyword) or phrase, your business website will appear on the very first results page.However, SEO is not as simple a concept as it seems. It is pretty complicated and business houses fail to understand the different SEO related algorithms pre-defined by various search engines. As a result, there are many Myths about SEO among businesses which leave them fruitless in the digital market. Following are some common SEO related myths:To Increase the quantum of Web Traffic attracted, businesses heavily stuff their website content with most popular keywords, which they think might increase their online visibility.Businesses think that Geo-Targeting Of the online users which visit their websites, helps them in optimum SEO.Businesses create many websites at the same time, thinking this will increase their SEO success rate.Businesses don’t give much preference to Social Media’s direct role in SEO.There are many more SEO myths like these. All these myths can be solved with the help of websites which specialize in providing SEO services. One of the best SEO service provider websites is JDM Web Technologies. JDM Web Technologies is instrumental in providing excellent SEO based services for your business. They not only ensure providing Organic Web Traffic to your website, but also clarify most of the Myths present in the digital market.How does JDM Web Technologies clarify SEO based Myths?The SEO Myths among the Digital Market players are clarified as follows:Being a seasoned player in SEO services market, JDM Web Technologies ensure that all SEO myths are clarified through their website content which includes informative blogs, articles and awareness posts.They provide up to date SEO related information to its clients regarding all the Algorithms and regulations of various Search Engines regarding SEO.They also ensure that they themselves provide ethical SEO services to the clients, so that they set an example in the SEO services industry. Why should you choose JDM Web Technologies over other SEO companies?You should choose this company over others because:JDM Web Technologies provides a wide range of SEO services to your business which are up to date with the algorithm requirements of various search engines like Google, Bing, etc.They help your business website achieve higher rankings in the Search Engine Results Pages, i.e. your website will appear on the very first search result page, since the later pages are hardly referred by any users.They ensure an all ethical process in channelizing web traffic to your business website without stuffing keywords, spamming or using any illegal bots.They also help your SEO through Social Media Optimization of your business website. Conclusion :In today’s modern era, your business needs to be at par with latest advancements in technology. This means that Digital Marketing is a must for your business to ensure success. For this, you need to be aware of what SEO is. SEO roughly means drawing maximum users search results to your business website. But make sure you clear your concepts about SEO as there are a lot of myths about it. You can take help of SEO companies like JDM Web Technologies.