What now, lets get on to the

What is the most expensive thing in your life? Any answers from the audience??? Okay let the question be open for now, lets get on to the topic Good Morning Mr.Toastmaster, fellow toastmasters, and guests. There are somethings which tends to be more expensive in our lives. But we may not be able to identify them, since they may be hiding right under our nose. Today let me share you about the some instances in my life. The Situation when I cross a new restaurant and wonder, why I didn’t try there at least once.The situation where, I could have spoken to that girl in office, but hesitant to step up.The time when I go to library once in a blue moon and look at the variety of books and think about the why didn’t we read any of these books?The time when I missed one last opportunity to meet my younger sister due to some namesake reasons right before she passed away in an accident.Every single time I gave it and let go since it required no effort at all. But thinking deeply about each situationIf I have tried that new restaurant, whether it is good or bad, the itch of not trying would have gone away. If I have spoken to that girl, I would be at least satisfied of trying. If I have read those wonderful treasures, I would at least dreamt about something higher level rather than a modified lyric version of a movie song. If I have spoken to my Sister, it would have given me closure.So maybe it does require an effort, I was struck performing my usual charade, seeming to be happy and fulfilled when deep down I am not.Looking back on life with a sense of regret, instead one should be proud of events that led you to where you are today.Hence to answer my initial question, the most expensive thing in our life and the thing we regret the most are the opportunities that we missed in life.

Every one would have missed several opportunities in their lives . And these missed opportunities define us. People speak about what we missed in life, rather than what we have. And as Tyrion says ” Never Forget what you are, the rest of the world will not. Wear it like an armour and it can never be used to hurt you”

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