What is nano chemistry? Nano chemistry works with

What is nano chemistry? Nano chemistry works with different materials at different atomic levels, it’s like the transformations materials into different solutions. Nano chemistry is everything related to ‘nano’ like nanotechnology and nanoparticles. What are allotropes?Allotropes are a part of the whole of nanochemistry, these allotropes are different forms of the samelement, so for example diamond and graphite are both allotropes of carbon. Nano chemistry is the use of synthetic chemistry in order to make nanoscale of building blocks which depend on different size and shape, structure of it’s surface, composition and charge. There are four different types of nanochemistry/ technology;Nano wiresNano tubesNano crystalsWhat are nanowires?                                                                          Nano wires are part of the whole of nanochemistry, these nanowires are very small rods of atoms that have a solid and dense structure. What are nanotubes?Nanotubes are also apart of nanochemistry, they are hollow carbon tubes with nanometer dimensions which are a new form of carbon. What can nanotubes be used for?One use of nanotubes is that they can be used for reinforce graphite which is used in tennis rackets, they are also used as semiconductors in modern computers ad electric circuits. nanoparticles:Nano particles are particles that range between 1-100 nanometers, they are so small that they cannot even be seen using a microscope. They are very small in terms of diameter. These nanoparticles have many different uses:They are used in the production of sun cream, which contains zinc oxide the reason for nanoparticles being used n sun cream is because when nanoparticles are used suncream does not penetrate the skin as it doesn’t go into the skin and cause any damage. This is useful as it protects people’s ski from the sun and stops the sun from burning you and can reduce the chance                       of you getting skin cancer from the power of the sun.  so it reflects any harmful uv rays that are shining on the skin from the sun.Health care = these nanoparticles are used in plasters and bandages, this is because they can be used as a antibacterial against wounds that can become infected. So these nanoparticle bandages can also be used for healing, due to their properties they can help a wound to heal rather than staying open and having a high chance of becoming infected. Sports equipment = these nanoparticles are added to different sport equipment in order to make them stronger as this will make them useful for what they are used for. Nanoparticles are tiny pieces of a larger material. Smart materials:Smart materials are materials that have a range of different properties and can be changed into a certain way to control stimuli like temperature, stress, moisture and ph. These smart materials are designed to change during an external stimuli there are different types of smart materials like shape memory alloys, thermoelectric materials and thermochromic. These different types of smart materials have example of what it is that they are used.There are many different examples of different smart materials which include;