What has disappeared, and minorities use the infamous

What is the new racism that is discussed in the article? New racism that is discussed in this article is that people are denying that race is a problem, which is known as color-blindness. According to this article, some Whites believe that discrimination has disappeared, and minorities use the infamous “race card”.

What is color-blindness and how does it contribute to racism? Colorblind racism is the denial of white privilege, lack of racism, & the denial of racial discrimination in the United States. Therefore, it does contribute to racism because we have people within our society that think there is no issue with racism, yet people die due to this problem. I firmly believe that the people who ignore race & ethic differences need to become more open-minded because there will never be any equality or unity if one has that type of mindset. For instance, a student at MU agreed that blacks lack motivation & don’t have proper work ethic. She said, “if it wasn’t that way, why would there be so many blacks living in the projects”. Another example was how blacks were treated during Hurricane Katrina. Many described the victims as “whiners” who needed government handouts. While they implied that racism was not an issue. Therefore, all this conveys that some people aren’t aware of the issues within our society, and think that people use race as an excuse.

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How did the election of former President Obama contribute to the color-blindness of our society? The election of former President Barack Obama did and did not contribute to the color blindness of our society. According to this article, he became for the whites an Oprah & “transcended” his blackness to become a national hero. Saying that he used his ethnicity to become president conveys that people were still discriminating. Also, during his campaign, Michelle Obama was portrayed to seem less black, less strong, and more white -lady – like for the white electorates. Unfortunately, Joe Biden said, Obama was “the 1st mainstream African-American who is articulate…and a nice-looking guy”. Therefore, ethnicity, race, & culture was still involved (once again). However, colorblind racism contributed during his campaign when he spoke upon it in his “race speech”. For instance, Obama admitted that race was still an issue and said, “the nation cannot afford to ignore”.