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 What are the effects of Centella Asiatica on CelluliteCentella asiatica is a medicinal plant commonly known as “Gotukola” that has been in use since prehistoric times and is used in folk medicine to treat a wide range of indications. However, in contrast to other medicinal plants, centella asiatica and its triterpenes have been subjected to quite extensive experimental and clinical investigations. Studies conducted in accordance to standardised scientific criteria have shown it to have a positive effect in the treatment of venous insufficiency and stretch marks (striae) and wound healing. Centella asiatica extract has historically been usedas a potent agent for conditioning the skin.Although centella has been used by European doctors for vein conditions, wound healing and anti-aging for more than fifty years, but now, more people are now becoming aware of centella food supplements, cellulite creams, anti-aging creams, facials and cellulite treatments.Effects of centella asiatica on celluliteCellulite can be quiet embarrassing most especially when all you see in the mirror are lumps of fat underneath your skin. However, its treateable and not dangerous but can steal ones confidence. Here arethe effects of centella asiatica on cellulite.When it comes to treating cellulite, Centella asiatica extract has been found to be a quite versatile herb with a range of uses for skin care. The active components of Centella asiatica extract work effectively to restore the macromolecules that give the skin itselastic quality.Centella asiatica is indeed quite effective for reducing cellulite. When used for cellulite reduction , this potent herb thins the blood within the deepest skin tissues, thus, allowing for improved circulation. Plus, as mentioned above, it significantly improves skin elasticity by replenishing macromolecules.In addition to being an outstanding skin conditioning agent, Centella asiatica extract has also been used since ancient times as a naturalpost-operative treatment. Due to its healing properties, Centella asiatica extract has also been regarded as an effective solution forpreventing the development of excess scar tissue.How centella asiatica on cellulite can be usedOrally: When administered orally, 60mg of dry extract of centella asiatica once a day for 90days, the body takes a positive change in reduction of fat cells. Also a reduction in interadipocyte fibrosis will be observed.Topically: Centella asiatica can be applied with the the influence of Madecassol 4 times a day for 4 months for better improvement in skin. Centella asiatica applied in the recommended doses is not toxic and possible side effects are rare. Centella asiatica may cause: local allergic reactions and burning, especially when used externally andsubcutaneously. Skin problems such as eczema on fingers and hands after external use of Madecassol for a period of 3 months.Other benefits of centella asiatica on celluliteCentella asiatica (Gotu kola) is effective in treatment of wounds, also in infective wounds, burns, and hypertrophic scar.The activecompounds include pentacyclic triterpenes, mainly asiaticoside, madecassoside, asiatic madecassic acids, anti-ageing, skin firming, water retention and cellulite, boost microcirculation, collagen and skin repair with centella asiatica.