Well largely online, with intermittent residential blocks for

Well before my undergraduate
studies, I discovered that I am a self-starter who is willing to learn on my
own and take the extra initiative to do so when necessary. In my undergraduate
studies, I found that I obtained a more comprehensive understanding when I was
able to re-watch lectures via podcasts and/or review lecture material (notes,
PowerPoints, etc.). When learning is restricted to a two-hour lecture and in a
set environment, I feel that many students with other learning styles are at a
loss. I was excited to discover that this BScPA Program’s coursework is devised
to be largely online, with intermittent residential blocks for hands-on
learning in the first pre-clinical year and direct application in the second
clinical year.


The framework for coursework and
clinical residential blocks with the BScPA Program is exciting and innovative.

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I envision that the distance and distributed delivery method will have a
positive impact on my learning experience, and allow me to have more
flexibility for scheduling and clinical placement/work experience on my own
terms. I foresee this heightening my enthusiasm for preclinical coursework even
more (if that’s possible), provided the freedom to commit the time I need to my
studies and within my chosen environment that best suits my personal learning