Week in this program will learn how






Week 5 Informational Interview Assignment

Submitted By: Caitlyn Hoke

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Submitted To: Dr. Tyson Moore

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving (COLL 148)

DeVry University



1: About your Degree Program and Specialization

My degree program of choice is Computer Information Systems
with a specialization in Software Programming.  In this program, I will get to learn how to
code and test programs, the methods used to build the software, and the
different types of languages available. Most importantly, this program allows
you to learn by doing; be it developing or testing programs, every bit of this
program focuses on a variety of real-world applications.

This program comes with many skills that will be acquired. Those
who study in this program will learn how to implement software, manage projects,
and have an understanding of quality assurance, which is important in any successful
business. Another important skill for any business that will be taught in this
program is the ability to identify complex problems and learn how to implement
appropriate solutions.



2: About Your Career of Interest

programmers are the brains behind making computers function properly. They
write and test the code, which creates the programs and applications. A couple
of duties that programmers do within their work are write programs using a
variety of languages and test and fix errors that arise with faulty code. Just
as we have many spoken and written languages, computers do as well, and it is
up to the programmer to use the languages correctly so the computer can
understand what it is expected to do. One of the easiest to learn and most widely
used is HTML. HTML was created for the sole purpose of being able to use “rich”
text; it allowed documents to be viewed as webpages and to have the same
customizable options as you would in Microsoft Word. On the other hand, having
so many languages causes some hiccups along the way. You may have everything
laid out as you want it, but sometimes the lines of code do not talk to each
other properly and you end up with “bugs”.  This is why programmers focus so much on
testing and fixing code; one minute everything works fine, then you change/add
some code and now it does not work the same.
            This degree program actually
sets students up fairly well to be able to “jump right into things”. It is
important to know and understand many languages and at DeVry, they teach widely
used languages such as C++, C# and Java. As an added bonus, part of the curriculum
is learning about general business competencies, so if after a few years out in
the field you decide to launch your own business, you will have a backbone
understanding of what is important. You also gain knowledge on how to select and
correctly implement information within different systems.

times, you go to school and gain a general consensus of what you are attempting
to learn. Within this program, you have the opportunity to get “down and dirty”
with the same things those out in the field experience on a day-to-day basis.
There is the chance to apply what you are learning through the use of
real-world applications within the learning environment itself. By the end of
the program, there will most likely be a project to prove your knowledge, but
this also gives you the chance to act as if it is a real job for a real client.



3: Questions for an Invaluable Informational Interview

1. What are the various jobs
available in this field?

would ask this question because based on the curriculum, we learn many interchangeable
skills that can be used in a wide variety of computer related jobs, and maybe
the informant has a suggestion that I myself haven’t thought of.

2. What are the salary ranges within
this occupation?

always likes to know what kind of money they have the potential to earn, as
well as this gives you a good idea on growth within the field.

3. What do you find unique about
your career field?

in creative jobs, the sky is the limit; maybe the informant had an interesting
job in the past that opened doors to learning more or growing even further.

4. What sacrifices have you had to
make to succeed in this field, and do you feel the sacrifices were worth it?

job has sacrifices that must be made, whether it’s relocating for a better
opportunity or losing a bit of family time for the benefit of more money.
Personally, I’d be curious to see what the informant would consider as a
sacrifice “for the better”.

5. If you were a college student
again, what would you do differently to prepare you for this job?

has those “what-ifs” and to talk to someone who has experience in the field, it
would be highly beneficial to ask this question to see if maybe you need to
further your education or get a specific certification prior to entering the
field yourself.