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Web development means developing a website for the Internet. It can be a single, simple and static page of text to the most complex application on the Internet. Electronic Commerce or e-commerce is a term used for any type of business. It covers a range of various businesses. Generally, eCommerce means a process of buying and selling of good and services over an electronic medium, mainly the Internet. It was started in the 1990s, and since then it is growing at a faster pace. In eCommerce, we use modern technology like mobile commerce, internet marketing, electronic fund transfer, supply chain management, data interchange, online transaction processing, inventory management system and automated data. An eCommerce website has some special features and some particular challenges. Web developers are working to make this process easy, intuitive and usable. There are some aspects, which a developer has to consider during eCommerce Development in India.1. Responsive A successful eCommerce website must have a responsive design for various devices. The Episerver CMS is a specialized tool to create eCommerce sites. This tool is designed to carry out the automatically responsive design. Other platforms need some configuration for responsive design. You can use any platform but always be sure to keep mobile users in mind because this group is growing very fast. The response has to be quick for every aspect of the site, from basic navigation to checkout and payment.2. Support Guest CheckoutAn eCommerce website must have the option to create an account to make a buy. This allows follow-up communication with the customer, and to help him with exciting offers to accelerate future sales. It will also track down demographic information to analyze sale patterns. Every customer doesn’t want to go through the process of creating an account to make a purchase. Repeat customer will be ready to get benefits of having an account. It is still a good idea to create an option for the people who just want to make a single order.3. Importance of site searchVisitors of eCommerce sites often use search for the product they want to buy. So the website must have a search which is easy to use. To help visitors website can show popular product related to their search. In order to help their users website can narrow their search by selecting the department, size, price range, manufacturer, etc. 4. SecurityIT is necessary to make sure a customer about his security. A website needs to support SSL to encrypt information like address, contact number, email, credit card and payment. Every customer is very conscious of the security during an online buy. PCI compliance is one of added security tool for every business which accepts credit card payments.5. Site PerformanceOn an eCom platform, a multi-tasker customer gets fed up if a site is slow and switches to a faster one. A developer should optimize the site to load as fast as possible, to keep customers.6. Personalised ApproachA developer should introduce personalized recommendations based on visitors previous searches and purchase to increase business potential.Electronic Commerce is the fastest growing segment and one have to compete with thousands of upcoming sites.These aspects ensure the best experience for customers and expert developers to develop the best eCommerce website in India.