We life changing events that seemed impossible but

We have heard many a time about life changing events that seemed impossible but simply because holding unto hopes and having faith has made such life events to be a source of motivation to the people of today, the story of Usman Dan Fodio portrays an alike picture. Well described as a bit taller than 6ft, had a lean structure and light skinned in complexion, he was born in 1754 into the torodbe family that was well established in the hausa land. Usman Danfodio has been well educated in Islamic science, Philosophy and theology. He was considered to be a prominent thinker, he was a religious teacher also a writer and he promotes the Islamic religion. Of the few educated, Usman Dan Fodio is being rated to be of outstanding performance. He followed the Sunni Maliki school of Jurisprudence and the Qadiri branch of Sufism.Usman Dan Fodio had been better of equipped with knowledge being a student of Jibril Ibn Umar who being a North African Muslim, gave his students a detailed information of the Muslim reformist that is experienced in other part of the world. Being linked with people of influence, Usman Dan Fodio was able to create a religious community at Degel which was his hometown.After twenty years of teaching, writing and preaching about the Muslim religion, he soon had criticism and Yunfa being the leader of Gobir, and also one of Dan Fodio’s student, turned against him. Yunfa had forbidden Muslim’s from wearing turbans and veils he does not allow for religious conversion. In a situation were someone converted to muslims they were ordered to return to their old religion. This was contrary to what Usman Dan Fodio has been teaching the people as Usman Dan Fodio never settled with corrupt practises. He was against the unrestricted community of men and women, he considered dancing at bridal feast immoral and also he desired that the Maliki law be observed.Yunfa had gone far with his critics against Usman Dan Fodio by making attempts of assassinating Dan Fodio.Dan Fodio in his words had once stated that “The government of a country is the government of its king without question. If the king is a Muslim, his land is Muslim; if he is an unbeliever, his land is a land of unbelievers.” and he further explained that with these any man with a different belief can leave the country to a different place as he is considered a foreigner. He made an example of his words when he left. Accompanied by his followers, Dan Fodio fled into the western grasslands of Gudu.As he strongly followed the pathway of his religion, Usman Dan Fodio began to have mythical visions which was referred to as Mushahada, he believed in his visions and this strengthen his faith. He once believed he had the power to perform miracles as he had a vision that brought this understanding. And at another time he had a vision about the Abdul-Qadir Gilani who founded the Qadari Sufi Brotherhood which is among other Brotherhood of the Muslim. Some people believed he was the Mahdi that was long expected through words of prophecy by the prophets. But Mahdi’s reign is known to be a sign that the end time is come as stated by the Holy Quran. As stated by the Holy Quran, many people will not get to see him before the world finally comes to an end as his coming shall be followed by the world’s end almost immediately. Meanwhile, Yunfa had turned to the leaders of other Hausa states proclaiming to them that Usman Dan Fodio is of the tendency of creating a “jihad”. A jihad is a fight that results between Muslim’s and it’s enemies. At the western grasslands were Usman Dan Fodio has found to be a safe place for him and his followers, he seeked for help from the local Fulani people who were the inhabitant of the community, these Fulani people were mainly cattle rearers and they had a religious leader known as a Clerk. Usman Dan Fodio was seen to have a just course as he appealed for the pursuit of justice and a morally guided society in his hometown of Degel that will make it a better place for them all. Considering his plea while he was at Gudu, Usman Dan Fodio was made to. be the Almir Al-muminin which was interpreted to mean the commander of the faithful. This made him to be considered as a religious leader and after raising an army for battle, he now has the authority to declare a “jihad”. His army was built mostly of the Fulani and the Hausa people, who being impoverished rural farm workers were also over taxed and oppressed by their leaders. The Fulani had better weapons of war having horses who were trained for battle.The call for the Jihad which started in 1804, went through the Hausa states such as Kano, Daura, Katsina,  Zaria. And it extended even beyond to other places such as Borno, Gombe, Adamawa, Nupe and Illorin. These places had Fulani habitants in it but in most case they were few in numbers. Few years after the Jihad had begun, Usman Dan Fodio found himself in control of the largest state in Africa as he has succeeded in forming the Fulani empire after he conquered the rulers of Kano, Gobir, Katsina and other Hausa kingdoms. He worked to create a system of government that practises the true Islamic religion without deviating from the instructions given by the Holy Quran. whilst he was at this, his son Muhammed Bello and his brother Abdullahi carried on with the Jihad. Majority of the Fulani population that made up the army of Usman Dan Fodio were bittered knowing that the Hausa leaders were not practising the true Islamic religion as it has been dwindled by mixing up Islamic religion with other traditional religion. But Usman Dan Fodio was able to create a style of government that was seen to be ruled by God as he was very strict in discipline and never compromised illegal and immoral acts.In 1811, Usman Dan Fodio relieved himself from all duties and only concentrated on writing. He wrote about the righteous conduct of the Muslim religion, he also wrote about the flaws and demerits of the African leaders who were not Muslim. He was always against heavy taxation and some of the accusations he made was against corruption.After his death in 1817, he was succeeded by his son who became the leader of the Sokoto caliphate while his brother was titled Emir of Gwandu as he was given charge over the western emirates, Nupe and Illorin.The Jihad of Usman Dan Fodio had a significant influence on West Africa as he created a long lasting legacy in the hearts of it’s followers. The acts of Usman Dan Fodio brought inspiration to the people of western Sudan and Senegambia as El Hadj Umar Tall of Senegambia also led a Jihad through the inspiration gotten from Usman Dan Fodio.Just a little faith and hopes brought Usman Dan Fodio’s dream into reality. If he had fled in fear and not approach life with a bold step, what possibly could have happened to the muslim of today?.