Waterloo have received.The family of four are also

                Waterloo Record January 21,2018Hope And Despair Looking for donations to help a family after a fire.The young family 21 year old Jonathan and 20 year old Mary with their two kids Curtis and Emanual are looking for support and donations from other families to be able to recover lost possessions after the fire.They are asking for small donations of two dollars and are hoping to recover a 300 000 dollar home with the money they have received.The family of four are also asking for covers clothes for the kids.Rosy Says”Three years ago I had the experience and decided to do the same thing by announcing and some helped me so much they let me stay in there house with my family to recover.This changed my life and gave me hope for the future.The day after our new house was paid for and we recovered everything our whole family was joyful.This is why I would like to invite you to my house to stay and talk while your family recovers everything else.”The donations can be sent to our website    www.WaterlooRecordReports.CaPHOTO TAKEN IN KITCHENER BY:Ben CratenYoung Man Gives To The HomelessEditor Tom Brian Mcdonald September 21,2015 Texas U.SPhoto Taken: September 20,2015Young 22 year old Jack Will who arrived from florida just last week brought hope to a homeless man while he finished his shopping at a local mall close to  22nd street in Texas U.S.Story                                                                                  Another average day for Will started up just                                                                                                                     yesterday  when he forgot to get milk for his                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            breakfast and since the mall was 5 blocks                                                                                                                              away he decided to walk there,while he was                                                                                                   walking he came across a man with only a                                                                                                           suitcase, guitar, a cover and the clothes that                                                                                                    he had on sitting in front of the gate to a                                                                                                       local park.Without thinking about him he passed                                and continued to walk towards  the        shopping                                                                                              mall. When Will got to the mall he went to go for his groceries but while he was getting his groceries he heard an announcement from the exit of the store he was shopping at calling all customers for the start of spring sale all spring clothes and shoes were 50% off when Will heard this he thought about the man on the cirb and how if that was him he would want someone to notice and give even a small amount of compassion. Therefore after he bought his milk he decided to buy some spring clothes and shoes for the homeless man. when he walked back he saw the man still sitting there so he decided to walk over to him and talk to him before he would give him the merchandise “Hello”22  “Hi”Homeless   “I have something for you”22 “No it’s okay sir you really shouldn’t have”Homeless.The gift that the young man gave was spring clothes shoes and 1000 dollars in cash. This young man shows christ like qualities by being gentle and sensitive to others and their needs not just thinking about himself but about the people around him, probably remembering if that was him he would like the same thing to happen to him.Persons OpinionBystander who walked by                                                                                                      “To see someone help the other is                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   rejoicing and is setting an                                                                                                                      example to other generations                                                                                           and shows to others how we                                                                                                        should react when we see                                                                                 someone in need of assistance just like jesus not being afraid to stand up and help others in need this should also be used in life instead of being another person who walks by be the model to those who walked away and show compassion”.                List Of 5 Principles Of  Justise   The dignity of the human person and the right to have that dignity(ex Each person should be able to go to school).       2. The shared right and responsibility to be involved in the                   institutions wich govern our lives.     3. The common good is more important than the right to private property (exEveryone has the responsibility to do common good and good of society).     4. The dignity of the work and the rights of workers ( ex everyone has the right of fair wages and safe working conditions).     5.  The fundemental option and favour of the poor and alienated and the marginilized (ex  stand for the most volnerable just as people who are good have done).                                               OrbituaryBorn:October 2 1869Date Of Death: January 30,1948Reason: AssasinationMemorial:Raj Ghat and associated memorials, IndiaDesciption:Gahndi was a man whom treated everyone equaly even tho he wasnt always treated well.One of his biggest issues he faced was racial discrimination.When Gahndi was traveling to his new job in a firm he was stoped in first class even when he paid for his ticket they kicked him off because he refused to move.This sparked disapointment so after his contract finished he dicided to make a change by non-violent protests and Indian rights.                           Modern Day DicipleStory:Young 19 year old Chris went to help those devistated by the 2017 hurricane harvey which left people without homes foodd and estimated damages round up to 150 to 180 billion US dollars.This man first of all saved people who were struggling by  donating money and diciding to work with the red cross handing out food and suplies to people who had been devistated.Chris says “The little thing you do can go a long way especially donations to help someone.”                             Healthy LyfestylesChanges During AdolecenceThere are three stages which people go through during adolece this is a list of all three stages of adolecence.The first stage people go through adolecence is the childhood stage which is what you recive from your family when you immitate there actions.The second stage in adolecence is transitional faith.There is lots of change in emotions and in belifs with faith and others like Santa.The third stage in adolecens is the adult stage or”convictional faith” where your faith is what you live by defending your belifs if your catholic an example would be attending Church.                                                                Sex In The MediaThe media affects all of us from the way we think about our selves to the way we act.The first way we are affected by the media is how they present people in commercials and magazines they use photo shop to get rid of the imperfections and saying ex.best way to get rid of fat.Many of the models used are paid large amounts of money to say it works even though it might not work.This influences us to use these products to look like our role model or people we want to look like.The second way sex in the media influences us is by letting the behaviors of them or there daily rutenes become our changing how we think about ourselves making us feel bad.