Was , so the UN tried to stop

Was the UN successful at creating and keeping peace around the
world? The United Nations (or UN for short term) is a corrupt organization its
states that they keep peace around the world, and from my point of view the UN
was unsuccessful. I want you to stand against the UN because in the past it did
more bad than good. MY personal experience with the UN is a bad one, they
gained countries more losses and they only do what America wants them to do that
are why I feel qualified to step up and give you my thoughts..

 The UN has many reasons to be called corrupted
to start with it calls itself an IGO (intergovernmental organization) which for
the most part is true but accept for the fact that it is America that controls
it almost completely and no other countries controlling it with America So from
what I see Its just like another one of those big American Top-Secret Organizations.
Along with that The UN also rejects resolutions (even though they are good and
completely logical) if they don’t meet up with their “rules” and how they want
everything to work. They convince delegates to vote against it so it could
fail, also the UN is unsuccessful at keeping peace. (Palestine (1947-1949), Korea
(1950-1953) , Congo (1960), Six day war (1967)) .

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Palestine(1947-1949) the UN failed to keep it mission(
peacekeeping) as there was no peace was agreed and the UN tried to stop the war
but it ceasefire did not hold so it was not successful  100 year later there are still war between
Jewish and Arab people (rogers), the Jewish people
growth has been increased because , of the result of immigration,  when the Jewish people came the Arab people
did not like it so they fight hoping they could win against them but they have
failed , so the UN tried to stop the war between them but they have failed. (Hammond). If the UN did not
stopped this from happening I am here and I speak loudly ”let’s make thing
right again”

Korea (1950-1953) the UN did was part successful they stopped
blatant aggression which was great  and
the war which the war bought horrific losses and they divided Korea to South
Korea and North Korea, but the bad thing that there were negations between  them north Korea and south Korea which led to
a war then the United Nations interfered and stopped the war by putting American
army between them, then south Korea had more money, and other materials which
effected economic and culture issue to the both sides , the war only bought to
the both sides horrific losses. (U.N. Korean)

Congo (1960) The UN did it job successful it had no war and
horrific loss every one lives in peace nowadays in the past Belgians was
terrified of the attacks against Europeans in the Congo, as the Belgian troops
were illegal in the Congo, the UN created a UN army to restore peace and sent
1000 troops, and they restored peace successful, when was the Belgian troops
were illegal in the Congo were not invited by new government. (Joshua)


Six day war (1967) The UN was successful butt then failed not by
itself but because, of the second president of Egypt requested that the UN
peace making leave in (1967) which was a bad idea when the UN left Egypt
Israeli took these moves as a sign of danger or war, so then Israeli attacked
Egypt and it Arab supporters but the Arab failed and Israeli won and
defeated  the army of Arab states in just
six days eventually Egypt negotiate with Israel to make peace ,and finally the
did put with some rules , in 1982 the Sinai Peninsula was returned to Egypt in
exchange for full diplomatic recognition of Israel.  (dies)



Iran-Iraq war (1980) The UN tried it best to stop the war between
them, The UN tried to stop they but they failed. They both ignored it because
Iran won’t stop fighting because Iraq attacked Iran first in 1980, the
eight-year war between Iran and Iraq cost them many deaths and many money, but
resulted in no real benefit to either side. Iraq wanted peace but the ruler or president
of Iran was not enters dent at all he wanted overthrown Saddam Hussein, Iran
thought it would capture a major blow by capture the Iraq port city of bazar, Iran
had the  demographic advantage it out
numbered Iraq by 3 , but Iraq had access to more spasticity weapon  ,and much trained military soldiers,  which led Iraq to win the battle against  Iran, we have to say that Iraq were able to
stop the war just by great power it stopped it. (History.com)