w a week ago during the testing period

w old are you?I am currently 15 years old. I’m turning 16 in 3 months (May).What timezone are you in?My timezone is UTC +8:00 (Perth).How long have you played KeltonMC?I joined the server approximately a week ago during the testing period when it was under construction.How much time can you dedicate daily (on a week-by-week basis):Daily for the next 2 weeks, I will be able to dedicate about 4-6 hours, but after that I am only allowed:Monday: 2-3 hoursTuesday: 2-3 hoursWednesday: 30 minutes – 1 hourThursday: 1-2 hoursFriday: 2-3 hoursSaturday: 3-4 hoursSunday: 5-6 hours.Why should we accept you?You should accept my application because I have a joy in watching servers (especially factions), looking for rule-breakers & anyone who contains an unfair advantage. I am a Justice kind of person and when I see that something is not right, I would normally stand up in a good kind of way; not yelling or fighting, just telling.EDIT:You should accept me because I know de wae to leading a community. Even at school, I am a school councillor. I was chosen as part of a group to lead the school and ask people to stop their wrong doings. I will not tell them to stop, I will simply give them a heads up before things get serious and out of hand. I don’t find watch-dogging boring, I am willing to give up some time for it. I love the server, I really do and I am excited for the official release when everything goes to public. You should accept me because I will contribute fairness and justice to the server. Justice to those who break rules and fairness between their gameplay. I am willing to contribute my time to the server and even if I’m not there, I will make up the time I have remaining to replace what I’ve missed. I’ve personally made a lot of mistakes and I’ve learnt and I understand. I am hoping to help players who commit these mistakes to learn the consequences and how to get out of the loop. I’ve already made friends with most of the players on the server and I have some sort of idea in to what they do and how they act.  What stands out about you personally?I’m very fluent with my English so people can understand me better when they need help. I know many commands and how they work, also the general structure in rules; what I should do in those situations. I’m a hard worker at school and I am willing to give give best towards the server too.Traits: I’m friendly to those who follow the rules, kind, respectful, responsive, empathetic, trustworthy, mature and hard-working.Friendly + Kind: I am willing to help players and I do not make them wait or ignore. I don’t do things that will let them down and ruin their self esteem. If I seem rough, it may be because I am giving out a tip and truth is what makes success.Respectful: I respect the staff. I do not disturb their busy times unless they are joking around or having fun. Though at times I will ask questions without knowing they’re busy. With one notice that they’re busy, I would immediately stop.Responsive: I respond on time (when I am awake). I check my media frequently and I do not leave anyone hanging, U reply in less than 5-10 minutes. I know what it’s like when a staff member does not reply earlier. I type decently fast: I have a typing speed of 80 words per minute (sometimes 70). The reason this is important is so that i can reply quicker. Some staff members are slow typers and they type 1 sentence in about 2-5 minutes (not joking). I took the time to learn the keyboard through experience.Empathetic: I’ve been where most players were. I personally wouldn’t hack because I know that players wouldn’t like it, neither would I if I were in the same situation.Trustworthy: If you’re willing to make me do something I’d do it and safely towards the player. Say you give me an account to do something for you, I’d do it and not steal. Maybe you need me to handle some high-commands that are often abused. I don;t abuse and I can use them when they are in need.Hard-working: I am a hard wokring person, I like to make sure things come out of good quality. Especially my English (at times), Applications and (maybe) artwork. Cheap time, cheap quality!Do you have any previous experience as a Staff?Yes, I did in multiple servers. My main one was in Candy Prison and Ultimate Factions. I was a builder in Cand Prison but was a hybrid of Staff Duty where I had to watch for players who hacked in Free. Ultimate Factions, I was promoted to Admin before the server had been shut down due to a new Developer destroying the entire server. Being a staff member is fun and I wouldn’t mind giving up my playing time for staff duty.Have you been banned in the past?On this server, no. I haven’t. It’s a brand new server and I haven’t broken any rules on it.Extra information:I’d be happy to make banners and art for this server. Sometimes, maybe a trailer.Also, I didn’t plagiarise, just used my information from my old application / what I remembered.