VIVAVOYA; of medical tourist travelers are motivated

VIVAVOYA; Your ultimate medical travel partner 

gone are the days when medical tourism travel had a distinct meaning for
travelling to seek medical treatment, even though majority of medical tourist travelers
are motivated by health factors, nowadays , medical tourist travel juts to have
fun and adventure like medical holidays and wellness cruises.

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themed travels are a norm and unlike olden days when they were triggered by conditions,
today they are planned and budgeted for.

at it, medical travelers don’t want to broadcast their health conditions to the
world, however, they will display their adventures in luxury hotels and first
class cruises. This factor points to the importance privacy while on medical
travel escapades. No CEO, president, founder or board member of an
international body would like their health status to go public just because
they are ion a medical tour.

It is for the aforementioned reason that VIVAVOYA has
branded itself as your ultimate partner in achieving your medical travel dreams
-VIVAVOYA, is in a class of its own when it comes to providing medical travel tourism
support , It delivers an elevated, highly curated medical travel experience
embracing the utmost in quality of service, privacy, discretion, and reliable

international growth in the flow of patients and health professionals as well
as medical Skills, capital backing and management systems across national
borders has given rise to new patterns of intake and production of healthcare
services in recent years.

Set out to reach and serve a globally, VIVAVOYA serves the
market by ensuring a world expertly consultation services for it members. This
is enabled by its telemedicine portal where members connect with global
specialist regardless of their location. From initial consultation and planning
through follow-up and continued care, members are assured of private, protected
conversations with the world’s most accomplished medical professionals.

VIVAVOYA has invested ensuring members are accorded all
necessary support

From travel needs, accommodation and overseas stay. The company
ensures members are connected with respected travel partners through close
working relationships.

To provide best class luxury travel, VIVAVOYA members have
access to an extensive list of assistance from an established top-tier partner.
Whether a first class airline reservation or a private jet charter, VIVAVOYA
itineraries reflect comfort and luxury beyond the norm.

The company coordinates seamless ground transport, providing
smooth connections within bespoke itineraries. Every step of your travel path
is secured through our high-performance partners, to and from medical
appointments and procedures, as well as to points of interest and fabulous
travel opportunities en route.

your average medical travel guide provides just average services, VIVAVOYA understands
luxury, class and comfort. It has been established to ensure value, privacy and
comfort, we hold our hotels, villas,
resorts, and facilities to extremely high standards serve posh and pure holiday niceness.

you are looking for top notch specialist in the field of medicine, this guys
will connect you with world’s best and top-level
executives. Your privacy and discretion is guaranteed.

Vivavoya is world’s leading medical travel partner. We help you get the best
there is to offer in medical travel tourism at the best rates. You definitely want
to be a member.