The married and living a family life.

The mental faculty of an alcoholic does not function in a normal way with the result he loses self-control and often behaves improperly at times picking up quarrels, accusing, abusing or insulting others or committing acts of aggression and violence.

An alcoholic, while he is drunk is an irresponsible person faultering and pampering in many ways and prone to criminality at any moment. The acts of indecency or assault are usually committed by the persons who are under the influence of liquor or narcotic drugs.

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According to sources used for National Survey on the Extent, Pattern and Trends of Drug Abuse in India, (2004), alcohol is the most commonly used substance for addiction. Surprisingly, use of alcohol by women has proportionately increased over the years. The number of unmarried girls and women alcohol users outweighs those who are married and living a family life.

Though significant proportion of women express serious concern for drug abuse and alcoholism by their family members and urge them to quit drugs and even threaten them to leave the family but their efforts have no effect on drug addicts of the family, particularly the male members.

The burden on woman due to alcoholic family members and socio-economic consequences thereof has an adverse impact on their family life and many a times leads to quarrels, divorce or even breaking of families. A complete ban on the sale and consumption of alcohol like the one as adopted by the State of Gujarat is perhaps the only solution to this nation-wide problem of alcohol abuse.

It is therefore, evident that abuse of drugs and alcoholism spells disaster not only for the addict but also to his family and the society as a whole. It affects the individual’s health and upsets his family life. That apart, these evils give rise to law and order problems, reduction in economic production and retards human welfare. Some of these drugs alter the senses while others cause depression.