Uninterrupted Though they can be predicted they are

Uninterrupted Power Supply


There Are Various Reasons for Power Cuts

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During the early days of electricity  there are only light bulbs and  motors thus there is no problem with surges,
and people were not completely dependent on electricity thus it was not a
problem if  you had power cuts. Which is
not the case now, electricity has become survival essential in our modern life.
Electricity is everywhere from our mobile phones to laptops to television, even
our vehicles are powered with electricity. 
Therefore power cuts and power surges are intolerable, Industries run on
electricity power cuts may cause of loss of hundreds of millions of
dollars.  And equipment are very
sensitive to power surges, power surges may damage or completely destroy our
equipment thus it is vital to take care of power surge.


 Cause of Power Cuts


 There are
various reasons for power cuts most of the reasons are unavoidable or


 Lightning Strikes


 We do not
have the technology to determine where the next lightning strike could be. It
requires astronomical data to calculate the precise location of lightning
strikes just making lightning strike one of the unavoidable and unforeseen
events the problem occurs when the lightning Strike the electric conductors
when this happens the nearby relay operates and isolate the section, which
leads to power cut.


  Ice or Snow


Ice or snow, which are different forms of water
or in other words a conductor, when it snows which form a layer over the
conductor which do not cause any problem but however when too thick to come in
contact with another conductor causes a line to line fault short circuiting the
line which makes relays to operate, and thus isolating the section.


 Tornado and Hurricane


they can be predicted they are Unstoppable, they cause severe damage, yes power
cuts too.






Power cuts are not always caused by natural
events human errors like accidents are also one of the major reason for power








 Construction Work

 When there
is an expansion of the grid or some other fault this being attended, by a
trained technician, it is unavoidable to have a power cut.



 Causes for Power Surges


 We are
living in 21st century where the gadgets that we use are digital, our power generation
is in AC, to has be converted into DC current, where diode rectifiers are
employed. This device are called nonlinear devices as they work as nonlinear
loads. linear loads leads to harmonics all power stages integrate Industries
nowadays are completely automated that is not employee movable devices for
switching operation the best conclusion for the them is to use Semiconductor
devices like IGBT’s and creates a lot of harmonics all these harmonics
themselves do not cause any problem But when combined together with other
harmonics Couse a lot of surges and destabilises in the Grid


Need For Uninterrupted Power Supply


power supply or UPS for short. If we have a complete working system which do
not have to worry about power outages power surges as the UPS who provide us
with the backup power that has been stored in batteries.


The operation of UPS is very simple when there
is stable power supply the UPS store the power in   batteries and supplies the customer when
necessary in other words the UPS rectifies and stores power in DC batteries
when it detects an anomaly like a power Surge a power outage in the Grid it
immediately isolates the emergency area from the grid and supplies it with AC
power which is produced by inverting the DC power stored in batteries.


 Multiple Purpose Is Served By UPS


Protects against our interactions



Provide adequate power when there is a trouble to get power from the



It enhances the quality of power when it reaches hospitals or houses



It also has backup source like distributed generator



The UPS are widely used in the following sectors


 Data Form


 The world
is interconnected more today than ever before, the interconnection is possible
because of the various servers located at various locations, it is essential
that the servers communicate between each other it is even more essential the
servers are powered. As most of the data storage work in 5 volts it is vital to
avoid power surges as power surges may lead to loss of data




 Military equipment
surge sensitive equipment experiencing the power surge is a matter of national
security, thus ups play a vital role here.




 Power cut
or power surges main cause partial or complete failure of equipment which way
fatal to the patients. Here having UPS is a matter of life or death.




  Need for changing to alternate
energy resources


It is important that we change our energy
sources, as the modern energy sources what we have now are worse to us then the
benefit it provides us, some of the energy plants that we use today are


Thermal power plant

Thermal power plants employee fossil fuels as
raw material to provide electricity there are various health hazards related to
fossil fuels


Impacts of power generation when employing coal
as fossil fuel. 

Employing coal as fossil fuel has various
adverse effects on human and Earth. India uses coal for satisfying 61% of its
power need.


•        Burning of coal causes
various health problems.

•        Beginning with the
extraction of coal, a process called as mountaintop extraction, trees in the
entire mountain is cut down, killing the animals and destroying the

•        The coal is extracted by
blasting the top using dynamite which causes thousands of tons of waste which
gets mixed with the stream contaminating drinking water.

•        They also create smog dust
which causes asthma and various breathing problems.

•        The health effects alone
costs 100 billion dollars in USA.

•        Mercury is a waste that is
produced as a by-product, it damages nervous system causing underdevelopment,
when babies and young children are infected.

•        When mercury is released
in water supplies fishes consume it, which affects human seafood.

•        Every year coal power
plants generate a 140 million tons as cool as which are dumped in pits across
the world.

•        Living near coal Ash is
same as smoking a pack of cigarettes every day.


It is important that we understand the
consequences of coal in power generation, we must reduce coal in power generation
and turn towards Clean Energy like solar energy wind energy.


  Damages Caused By Nuclear
Power Plant



 Nuclear Radiation Accidents


The radioactive waste produced in the process of
nuclear reaction cause various damages to human beings and other living
organisms in nature. Examples of these are the well-known accidents of
Chernobyl and   Japan’s Fukushima




 Radioactive Waste


reaction produces radioactive waste in large quantities we do not have enough
technology to make use of these radioactive waste or recycle them the only
conclusion that we have today is dump them somewhere very deep. Given the fact
that nuclear waste have a very large Half Life they are likely to be
radioactive for a very long time like really long time thus poses a great
amount of threat. And in rare cases this radioactive waste gets mixed with
water streams destroying the habitat.


 Requires a Very High Initial Cost


reaction is a very delicate process a small mistake can lead to catastrophic
disasters. Every action every second has to be controlled and observed or in other
words construction of such an infrastructure becomes very expensive as every
part of a plant has to be carefully designed and placed. today the construction
of a nuclear plant requires near about 10 million dollars, not just money it is
expensive when we it come to time too, time required to complete is about 5 to
10 years.


  Non Renewable Energy Source


The energy resource is not renewable the more we
use the more we are depleting the energy resource. However Uranium is not
available in every country around the world  




To overcome these problems leaders around the
world are searching for alternate energy sources but it is fair to say that the
cheapest energy source is thermal power plant fired by coal, but considering
the health hazards that they provide they are more harmful than being beneficial.


 there are
various sources of alternative energy sources Like solar energy which employees
pv cells to convert solar radiation into electrical energy research says
that  Sun releases enough energy in a
minute, to power the entire human Civilization for 6 years,  harnessing electrical energy from  sun will have a very good scope in the future.


forms of  alternate energy like wind
energy that utilizes the movements of air molecules to generate electricity
this type of electrical generation have a good scope in coastal areas there are
also Offshore wind generation plant.


however compare a fossil fuel and nuclear energy generation power plants non-renewable
power plants are less efficient there are research going on to increase the
efficiency of non-renewable energy resources let’s hope for better future.


To overcome these hazards it is inevitable that
we have to switch to alternate energy sources there are any various energy
sources like solar energy wind energy geothermal energy. And they are found
abundant in nature we must try our best to harness these energies and make
India 100% emissions free country.  And also
considering the advantages of non-renewable energy sources have over renewable
energy resources which is employed nowadays it is obviously a very good idea to
switch to non-renewable energy sources hopefully this should be the future
Trend all around the world.