Tuesday, attendants planned a subversion. They fought

            Tuesday, September 11th,
2001, was soon to be known as a day of infamy. Nineteen Islamic extremists with
al-Qaeda hijacked four planes, aiming to target key places in the United States.
The extremists had targeted and hit both the twin towers and the Pentagon. The
fourth plane missed the White House due to the actions of passengers onboard.
Killing nearly three thousand people, it triggered a multitude of initiatives to
combat terrorism.

            At 8:45 a.m. on September 11, a
Boeing 767 crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center. It left a
large amount of damage around the 80th floor, killing hundreds of
people and trapping those in floors above. Evacuation began immediately, but a
mere 18 minutes later, a second 767 crashed into the south tower around the 60th
floor. As events were developing in New York, a third plane crashed into the
western side of the Pentagon, casting an inferno that caused a portion of the
structure to collapse. Quickly after the Pentagon was hit, the south tower
collapsed. An hour and a half later, the north tower collapsed, leaving only six
survivors between both towers who were in the World Trade Center towers when
they collapsed.

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            Meanwhile, about fifteen minutes
before the north tower collapsed, the fourth plane was hijacked. However, since
the plane was delayed, the passengers learned of the events unfolding in New
York and Washington D.C. through their phones. Knowing that the hijackers were
not bringing the plane back to the airport as claimed, the passengers and attendants
planned a subversion. They fought the hijackers, and are suspected to have
caused the plane to flip over, crashing in a rural field, killing everybody
onboard. Its intended target was not known, although some theories speculate the
hijackers may have been aiming at the White House, Camp David, or one of many
nuclear power plants along the east coast.

            When all was said and done, a total
of 2996 people were killed as a result of the September 11 attacks. At the WTC,
2763 people were killed, including 343 paramedics and firefighters, 23 New York
police officers, and 37 Port Authority police officers. 189 were killed at the Pentagon,
including 64 onboard the plane. 44 were killed in the plane crash that missed
its intended target. Overall, the events of September 11 made a large impact on
the way the United States looked at itself and the world. While it created a
new surge of unity and pride across the nation, it also created a sense of