Triggered population) consisting of 103 million women Muslims,

Triggered by the increasing awareness and realization of
the importance of gender equality we see a sweeping movement for women’s rights
all over the world. Women, often labeled as the “fairer” gender, have decided
that a mere flattery label will no longer suffice.


Today’s current political and security’s environments have
made people believe Islam as a regressive religion. Recent event that have
emerged all across the globe has diminished Islam’s reputation from a peaceful
religion to one that incite hatred and fear. Even more people believe Islam as
an enemy of women’s rights as a consequence of how it is portrayed in the news.

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Indonesia occupies a unique position at the world stage
as the largest Muslim country in the world (1) with over and
a country with the largest women Muslim in the world, but where do women
equality stands in Indonesia?Republic of Indonesia is a very diverse and vast country
located in Southeast Asia, it is the largest island country in the world
comprising of over 13,000 islands (2). It
is the 7th largest country in the world spanning over 1.9 million
square km and shares its borders with 9 countries (Malaysia, New Guinea, East
Timor, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, Palau, and Indian Territory of Andaman
and Nicobar). Although it is not as well known as its neighbors, Indonesia is
one the world’s most populous region. With population of well over 260 million (2), Indonesia is
4th most populous country in the world with more than half of its
population living in its main island of Java, making Java the world’s most
populous island (3). The country is
divided into 34 provinces with all central government administrative functions
located in its capital Jakarta. Jakarta is also the 2nd most
populous urban area in the world after Tokyo, Japan (4).  

There are over 300 ethnic groups in Indonesia speaking
over 700 languages apart from its official Bahasa Indonesia National language (5). The Constitution
of Indonesia dramatized religious freedom in the country. The Government,
however, recognise 6 religions along with a few indigenous faiths such as
dynamism and animism. The religions recognised by the Government are Hindu,
Buddhist, Protestants, Catholic, Islam, and Confucian. There are over 207
million Muslims (87% of population) consisting of 103 million women Muslims,
Indonesia is not only the largest Muslim country in the world but also the
country with the largest Muslim women in the world (1).The large number of Muslim women in Indonesia makes the
country an important front in the ongoing campaign for Women’s Rights. The
country’s ability to give equality to women in a predominantly Muslim country
and in a culture with deep-rooted Muslim teachings and beliefs will be viewed
as a major failure or a success. 

Former US Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton made a
well-known remark in 2009 during her state visit to Indonesia “If you want to
know if Islam, democracy, modernity and women’s rights can coexist, go to