Today in Conferences, Seminars, Impromptu, Staff meetings,

Today communication is the action
can’t be without in our society. Communication is used to interact with or
share information with people. There are two types of communication verbal and
nonverbal. This week we are teaching about that. These are the necessary skills
in life that every person needs to know.

Communication skills are often used in
Conferences, Seminars, Impromptu, Staff meetings, Management meetings, Debate,
Training workshops, general announcements, Public interviews, Panel interviews.
I learned that verbal communication is the way we express our thoughts,
emotions and attitudes. The concept of language and meaning symbolic, be an
arbitrary system of symbols, be governed and communicate power. Verbal
communication is often used in almost all situations. This helps the other
person to understand and capture information faster, to understand the purpose
and act faster than non-verbal communication.

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Nonverbal communication is all the
behavior, attributes, or object, voice, facial expression, posture, appearance,
appearance that complements words to communicate meaningful social message.
Actions are non-verbal communication such as shaking hands, rubbing your head,
blinking, body language. Nonverbal communication is used to express emotions
instead of words, but in some countries the use of nonverbal communication is
extremely difficult because each country is a different custom.  That leads to some unintentional actions that
will cause severe damage to yourself. For example, in most countries around the
world, folding your arms is just two hands away from touching others, but in
Finland this shows arrogance, and obviously it’s not good for either myself and
the people around me. Therefore, when using nonverbal communication in another
country or any situation, we need to investigate carefully to avoid misleading

People who are afraid of communication
often have symptoms such as stomach butterflies, pounding heart, shortage of
breath, sweaty palms, dry throat, unsteady voice, trembling hands, wobbly
knees, tied tongue. There are ways to stop that you can research your topic
thoroughly, prepare 150 percent, use self-talk, convert you fear into
anticipation and enthusiasm and shift switch from your auto.

Before you make a presentation, you
need to be prepared carefully. In order to be fully prepared, you should ask
questions like what you say, how to say the best, what the listener wants to
hear and do not want to hear. Create charts that you and your viewers can
understand and catch up. Besides, your information also needs to change
depending on the different circumstances. You should know when you need to raise
your voice and down your voice and at the same time speak loud and clear the
main points in the article so that people can understand.

Oral communication and nonverbal
communication are the actions that we will use in our lives. We can make score
or lose points with others because of it, so we need to find out before using. At
the end of the third week of the semester, I realized that we could not perfect
ourselves without communication.