Thoughts, Given the laws of nature, once the

Thoughts, feelings and decisions may not feel that they were “caused”. However, sometimes the causes of our decisions are not consciously detectable, yet these causes still exist. Let’s consider an action that is horribly morally unforgetful; Hitler’s invasion of Poland in 1939. One may consider him to have acted freely. Yet, determinism seems to imply that Hitler was not free at all. To explain this, the principle of causality, Plato mentioned; “everything that becomes or changes must do so owing to some cause; for nothing can come to be without a cause”, explaining that a cause is an earlier event that makes a later effect happen. Given the laws of nature, once the cause has occurred, the effect must occur. Lightning causes thunder. Electricity and sound is formed that, when lightning strikes, thunder will follow. Determinism explains that Hitler’s invasion of Poland was caused by some earlier event. For the invasion to occur, it might have been something under Hitler’s control, which was in this case. The cause might have been a decision that he made just before the invasion. If that is true, then it seems we can still blame Hitler for ordering the invasion. Nevertheless, considering the decision itself, it is just another event, that it also will have a cause. This new cause might be a further earlier decision that he made or something somebody told him? Just like what Plato said, everything must have a cause and to get to the infinite one because, you must have a cause that leads to another and so forth. It may look like Hitler did have the chose and the control in the few events of the cause, however, the earlier causes do not. Moving back in time, we eventually reach events before his birth. For example, an old man slips on ice while crossing a street and one may laugh at him instead of helping him up. Using the chain of reasoning and caussion, one can show that my laughter was caused by events before my birth. Hitler may not seem to have had a free choice about whether to invade Poland. Somebody seem to have had no choice but to laugh at the old man. Before Hitler’s birth and the fact that they were there and arranged in the way that they were, explains that He would invade Poland. The existence of such a cause seems to imply that Hitler’s invasion of Poland was not a free action.