This of consistency especially through channels. Online communication


            This memo will enlighten the communication department team in International Gadget (IG) on effective web communication. The staff can use this medium to actualize internal and external interactions with potential and existing clients/users. This memo is important because communication in IG has diminished overtime which has led to an interruption and delay in the daily operations. A brief and clear message will generally be most effective for communicating quickly online (Snell, 2009). There are different kinds of web communication tools such as email, online chat, VoIP, forums, social networking, among others (Jackson). So far, methods of communication have been introduced to the employees, this memo will explain how to effectively implement it because communication is very important to IG now. Factors to consider for a successful web-based communication includes listening, verbal communication, nonverbal communication, emotional awareness, written communication, communicating in difficult situations (Schmitz, 2017).

            IG is working on setting standards to improve web communications such as blog posts, using wikis and social media, writing content, and posting videos about products and services. Every message sent through the web have to maintain some type of consistency especially through channels. Online communication in IG will have a lot of advantages attributed to it such as cost effectiveness, easy connectivity, increase productivity, accessibility, and flexibility (The Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Communication, 2017). IG will constantly work on accessibility issues for faster and effective communication. This will help improve services to answer customers quickly and provide information online for customer review.

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            The website can be accessed 24/7 which is the reason why the company goals has to be defined clearly to increase credibility. Every new procedure has to go through the proper company procedure in order to determine if it will be helpful to the company. Because the privacy and security of the customer data is important, IG will be using a trusted technology to enhance online communication so that the customers can be comfortable to chat online. External and internal communication networks will be secured so that personal information is not being divulged.

            Employees are expected to be professional art all times and when communicating online. Online contents have to be in accordance to IG procedures and has to be ethical. The various devices in IG can be easily accessed at anytime and can be used for any type of online communication. However, the devices have to be set up in such a way that there’ll be room for reading. Online help will always be available to provide answers to frequently asked questions. Online help should be accessed with any device, not just PC or Mac (S. M. Gerson & S. J. Gerson, 2017).

            Consciously or unconsciously, we read things online be it on a wiki or on social media pages. IG is prioritizing improving their online communication so that the employees won’t miss out on important information. Memos will be sent out routinely to keep up with communication throughout IG and with customers. The main aim of effective communication is customer satisfaction.