This and PC devices. With the generation

thesis topic is focused on the development of digital culture and the role it
plays within changing culture today. This essay will begin by explaining how
the development in digital culture has changed the way millennials perceive the
culture they live in. Millennials are the onset
from Generation Researchers typically use the early 1980’s as the starting
point to class millennials. The generation we live in today is hugely
dynamic and plays parts in digital advertisement’s, visual information and
identity, and how design is seen today through social media outlets such as
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. Due to the heavy impact of the
amount of visual information we see now is magnificent, culture is changing by
the second. 


understand how digitalization is changing culture, I aim to identify the
process you go through when problem solving these issues in visual
communication and it can be very challenging. This results in Millennials
turning to the environment around them for ideas and opinions but what with
today’s generation absorbed in digital technology, it is becoming even more
rarer for people to look for inspiration elsewhere other than social media
outlets, mobile and PC devices.

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With the generation we live in, we are so
involved with our portable technology that we change culture almost un-naturally
due to everyday social media. To understand what social media is, you need to
break both parts down. Social involves one interacting with an audience(s). A
prime example of this would be a user finding a relative or an old school
friend and reaching out to them over Facebook, or simply a user posting their
recent holiday photos to their profile for their friends to see. Essentially you
are sharing and receiving information from other users. This leaves us to
define Media, which refers to a form of communication like the internet. However,
Social Media is a loose term which gets used to describe what we post on our
networking platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. It is
classed as a communication platform based around a collective of online information

Trying to find out how many users use Social
Media every day is not possible as that number can just keep growing. It has
become a very important part of our lives, we have gone from communicating in
person to as far as documenting our whole entire day over Instagram, making it
rare for us to experience real life communication. Even children as young as
two years old know how to operate a mobile device, which is worrying to see if
this process will end or is it just the beginning?