This Marxism. It also pokes holes into religion,

This book remains a classic and a must read for all
generations simply because it will always apply to life. This book can describe
the rise and fall of Nazi Germany in perfect synchronicity, to the current day
politics of Donald Trump. It teaches people to look at the possible bigger
picture, to think for themselves, and more importantly, regimes and revolutions
will end eventually. 

The entire book is written as a satire against politics,
specifically against Marxism. It also pokes holes into religion, specifically
the Seven Commandments in the bible from the book of Noah. Orwell claims that
he wrote this book to show that everyone can be persuaded to change their views
in times of political change and religious change if you presented it in a
suitable way. These ideas can be molded to fit the agendas of certain people to
control the masses. This book is completely parallel to things that happened in
the world, from the Bolshevik revolution to the allied invasion of Soviet

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The animals begin working harder and harder to build a new
windmill, and soon start to work themselves into illness. One of the animals
fatally hurts himself and Napoleon sends him away to a hospital get better, but
it is later discovered he was sold and killed and the money the received from
selling him was used to buy alcohol for the leaders of the farm. At some point
in the future the animals have finished building the windmill and have also
built another one which brings prosperity to the farm again. Many of the
original ideals that Napoleon and Snowball had were forgotten, since many many
of the original animals are dead. The pigs begin to resemble humans and it
dawns on Napoleon that its difficult to distinguish between the two because in
the end, they all broke the original commandments of the farm. The books ends
with the quote “All animals are equal…… but some animals are more equal than

Napoleon removes the way the farm was ran, and creates a
committee of pigs to fun the farm and takes Snowbells idea of creating a windmill.
He tells the animals life will be better for all once the windmill is made, and
everyone believes him. Things begin deteriorating on the farm, like the
windmill collapsing due to a storm, and Napoleon begins a smear campaign
against his old rival Snowbell. Things begin rapidly deteriorating on the farm,
with many animals dying after being accused of being in contact with Snowbell.
Throughout all of this, Napoleon beings to take on the appearance of a man, and
the animals keep trying to convince themselves that they are still better off.

Over a period of time, the farm begins to run smoothly with
Napoleon and Snowball in charge. The animals are being fed, all of them
receiving an education and being taught the commandments of the Animal Farm.
With things beginning to run smoothly, the pigs decide to make themselves
leaders of various positions and start hoarding the better food for themselves.
 At some point in time there is an attack
on the farm led by humans to take back control and Snowball leads a successful
counter attack against them, which heightens his popularity, at the dismay of
his fellow pig, Napoleon. With Napoleon and Snowball vying for the top position
of leader, they bring in new ideas to modernize the farm. Snowball believes
that by installing a windmill, things will run better. Napoleon becomes angry
that Snowbell may win and has him chased off the farm, and declares himself
leader, and because of this, changes start happening to the farm.

“Animal Farm” follows the lives of livestock, specifically
the pigs, on a farm owned by a man named Mr. Jones. The farm, at first was
called “Manor Farm” and was run by an old boar named Old Major, who believes
that humans are the enemies of animals. Old Major leaves such an impression on
the animals, that when he dies, two younger pigs named “Napoleon” and
“Snowball” take over command and prepare the farm for a rebellion against human
command. With the revolt against humans being successful they re-christen the
farm to “Animal Farm” and begin a new way of life, and adopt a new system that
involves the seven commandments of animalism, and the book specifically focuses
on one of the commandments, “All Animals Are Equal”.

George Orwell wrote “Animal Farm” in 1945 as a satirical
analogy of the events leading up to the Russian revolution and then into
Stalin’s rule over the Russian people. Orwell considered himself a socialistic
critic which was shaped by his experience during the Spanish Civil War. It was
Orwell’s belief that the Soviet Union was a brutal dictatorship type regime,
ruled by a charismatic leader and enforced by enacting a reign of terror, thus
“Animal Farm” was born.