Third to one child to ensure their safety

Third party agents will need to get a government license, training, extensive background check, clearances, and therapy before taking on the role as a third party agent. Regulations on being a licensed third party will hold them accountable and to make sure they are doing their job, audits will be done on all of their reports every three business quarters. Third party agents are also required to attend follow up visits once a month with caseworkers they are assigned. This intervention will take a lot of time because rules, licenses, and the whole organization itself will need to be built from the bottom up. Nothing like this social intervention has been tried anywhere else. The closest the foster care system has gotten to this proposal is when they assigned more than one social worker to one child to ensure their safety in their new home. This system has failed because there have been multiple cases where all social workers failed to report the abuse on time before the child’s death.  This intervention will need government funding just like the foster care system and welfare.For a third party organization to work effectively it needs regulations, licenses, and authority that enables them to hold both guardians and caseworkers accountable; training programs for caseworkers, frequent foster parent evaluations, extraneous screening for potential foster parents, and resources for guardians when dealing with a troubled foster child. With this intervention in place the foster care system will be able to eradicate fraudulent reports, save the lives of endangered foster children by immediately placing them in a safer home when abuse is identified or reported, and will terminate unfit foster guardians and caseworkers. Third party agents will be trained on how to identify abuse and will be required to train new caseworkers. These agents will be given government clearance to report caseworkers who do not schedule regular visits with their assigned foster child and those who make false reports. Not only will they be able to report or fire caseworkers who fail to act within the best interest of the child but will also hold the authority to revoke an unfit guardian foster license. Agents will also provide training for foster parents on how to take care of a traumatized child. Agents will have resources available like therapy and such for children who need those services. The third party agents will not only act to hold parent and caseworker accountable but will provide aid to foster children and act in their best interests.  If this organization gets funding from the government and is established, thousands of foster children will be saved.Overall the foster care system ensures a child is placed in a home that is safe and certified. A child is placed into the system when the caregiver is no longer deemed fit to properly care for the child. Although the main goal is to reunite the child to the birth relatives there are circumstances that allow the state to decide what is in the best interest for the child. There are many reason as to why a child is removed from their home; such as negligence, physical and sexual abuse. The abuse may have originated at home but it also continues within the foster care system. The foster care system fails the child because the system itself is broken from within. The support that is instituted when a child is removed from the home is not implemented to the social workers that handle the placement of the child. In order for a foster care child to feel valued, loved and respected the foster care system needs to implement valuable changes.