“Think their country do not developed. This is

“Think globally act locally” is a concept which is started to begin from the
environmental issues in the world which is ask everyone to think about the global problems
with begin taking real actions to improve it in their local communities. This concept appeared
in the globalization era. In this no limitation time and places era, people in every country do
not want to just see the other country’s prosperity but their country do not developed. This is
same as well as Indonesia as a developing country that is rich of natural resources.
Indonesians must know about what issues that faced by the world and has to take actions to
save the world too by doing actions locally. No need to go around the world, but taking
actions to improve own country to be in well condition is recommended. If all of the people
in the world are taking actions together to improve the global issues, the earth will save and
also the living things there.
Environment issues are still holding one of the most popular and problematic issue to
talk about. Although, the concept now is not just spread in the environment issues, but also it
gets wider to the other fields, such as economy, politics, and many others. Environment gives
people life such as producing oxygen to breath, food to eat, and others.
One of the environment’s objects is seas. Sea is a living place for the water animals
and plants. Seas also have role on protecting the water in the earth stable. 50% of oxygen is
on water or seas. Therefore, sea is a part of the earth that is very important to maintain its
good conditions to save the living things.
Most people around the world have facing the global issues of marine damage. First,
the sea is getting warmer. It has risen 1.2 F to 1.4 F in last century. The green house
compositions are 82% of carbon dioxides, 10% of methane, and 5% of nitrous oxide that it
was informed by the EPA.gov. The green house effect not only warms the planet but also
raises the world temperature of seas. The warmer sea makes the living things below water
decreased. It happens because the hot water can kill the coral reef and it will disrupt the food
chains. Fishes will not get their food and finally died. The second is sea level rises. Based on
the data from National Geographic, since 1994 it has melt the 400 billion tons of ice cubes on
the seas. It is because of the continuity of the heat water of the sea that is making the ice in
poles melt and finally the water expand into the sea and sink many lands. The third is sea
acidification which is the rise of acidity in the sea’s chemistry as a direct effect from carbon
dioxide in the atmosphere reacting to salt water. Since 18th century, the acidity has increased
by 30%. It makes higher acid contents in the sea and this reduces the calcium carbonate
which makes the species like oyster and corals difficult to live. It is a very bad condition to
the people who relying on the ocean for protein.
That marine damage is caused by climate change. Many people have often heard
about climate change and they thought that climate change is a change of temperature in
every day. Is it right? What exactly climate change is? Is it a serious problem? Climate
change is a long-term change in the earth, overall in temperature with massive and permanent
ramifications, and off course it is real and a serious problem. Based on the data from National
Geographic, 97% of scientists agree that it is because of human activities, especially from the
gas emissions that released from motor vehicles.
Therefore, the way to improve the problems on the sea is by reducing the gas
emissions in the air. Walking, riding bicycle, and using public transportation while going to
near places can be done by every people, and it is also a simple way to join saving world. On
the other hand, the public transportation systems and the facilities must be improved well. No
excessive passengers on the bus or other transportation with on time departure and arrivals,
and also the low price can make the passenger interested to go by public transportations.
After that, it can decrease great of gas emissions in the air and then decrease the effect of
climate change and the sea. Besides, consuming local food can also decrease the gas
emission, because there will not many cars used to send the food from another places. Doing
all of that things need to be arranged by the government to do socializing to its citizens and
make it as a customs. But, as the citizens of the world, we can not wait another people ask us
to do it, but we have to be self-aware on ourselves to start it first.
The root of the sea problem as a global issue is climate change. The climate change
happen mostly because of the human activities releasing much gas emissions in the air and
then causing many problems in the world, and the sea is just one of the problems of it. From
the concept “think globally act locally”, Indonesia as one of countries in the earth also has to
take actions to improve the sea problems with its own ways and abilities to reach one goal of
the world.