Things that being around people and interacting





Things were not fine ,something major felt missing , not
everything seemed to be on the right place, everything around was not so
peaceful .But what troubled the most was the fact that even after trying to
figure out much ,the reasons behind all these happenings remained unknown. The
pleasing light of the moon and composed soothing night also did not provide
peace .Everything seemed to be like a huge maze ,where paths shown were only
puzzled .In fact every thought that knocked the mind made enough efforts to
make things more gloomy. Nothing , precisely nothing was getting the right
track .The only thing that was known was that happiness was missing .


I started the search ,probably my life’s toughest one .I had
heard people found it in wealth .I considered it an easy task and set myself to
the goal .I started working in a company .They offered me a sound pay enough
for me to relish all ,that wealth could give me. Moreover my expenses were not
much and i could make much money of all the hard work i did. I was really
excited that since i owned wealth i will be finally  happy .Days went by ,months too walked past
and so did years .I earned a lot of wealth but could not earn what i wanted . I
still lacked happiness. I thought of all men to be stupid who claimed that
wealth gave them happiness .But then, all medicines do not work on everybody in
the same manner ,some bodies might get cured while some might just react in a
not so favorable way and so I thought I would try something else to gain

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The other day i went to a friend’s birthday and everyone
there seemed happy to me .I concluded that being around people and interacting
with them brought smiles and laughter which i considered to be signs of
happiness. My next step was to search happiness in people .I started to
socialize .Facebook, Whatsapp , Instagram etc etc etc became my tools. I joined
various clubs and associations .This time it felt ,I would find what I was
looking for . I made a nice group of friends and tried to spend maximum time of
the day with them . Every giggle ,every laughter made me think on what made
them happy. I tried all means .I was offered a glass of wine and was given a
packet to smoke ensuring to provide happiness 
.They even took me to all lovely places on earth to make me experience
what they did .But all the time spent ,all oxides taken and all places visited
did not really make the real worth. I still felt something lacking deep within
me. And I knew what I was looking for the , real happiness. After a failed
attempt of finding happiness in people, I started to wander more to search for
what I wanted .


While walking back home one day after my search , I met a
priest and landed into a random conversation with him. I told him about the
treasure i was looking for . He simply smiled and asked me to look for my
answers in God . I thought of trying this too and got along with him to the
temple doors. He asked me to give away all pleasures in life and commit myself
completely to the service of God. Every morning after a dip in the river I was
asked to clean the temple and wash the ideal . The day ahead , went with
chantings and prayers . They said  , the
sounds of the bell and aroma of the incense sticks that filled the air ,gave
peace and provided happiness. I could not deny the fact that sounds of the bell
were more pleasing than the sounds of car horns but it still failed to give me
what I desired for, true happiness. Here I would reveal that I had turned to be
more confused than I was ever before . Instead of finding happiness , I felt it
moving away from me because of the fact that all I was trying was going in vain
. I left the temple the very moment and started walking towards  nowhere.


My feet were moving in a rapid rhythmic pattern following
the instructions of my brain unknown of the destination .The night turned
darker and the moon seemed mocking at me . I could hear my own puzzled thoughts
running across my head.I felt like being at the same place where it all started,
until the cool breeze patted me from the back . I saw the sea shore and my
steps started towards it. I walked and felt all sounds around me fading. All I
was able to hear was the rustling of the waves . The wet rock nearby invited
me, to let me get the view. I slowly sat on it . The cool breeze touched my
face and waters reached my toes. And soon I felt my eyes close and my cheek
muscles pull up. I was smiling wide , I felt peace. It seemed I was out of a
storm .It was finally there .Yes I was feeling what I lacked so long. I had
experienced happiness ,the true happiness I was looking for. But what gave me
that happiness?Where did it come from ? I had been to that sea shore several
times earlier and had experienced those winds and water . But it was not the
same experience earlier. A huge realization struck me.


After all my attempts to look for happiness everywhere , I
realised that happiness was not something to be found at any place or with any
person . I had searched for it everywhere except one place and that was within
me . I realized nothing and anything could make me happy but only if I really
wanted to. I figured out that our mind is really strong and does everything we
want and all things and people around us only effect us if we want them to. A
thing as small as a hug from her kids made a mother happy while a word of
appreciation from the boss made an employee happy.But all this happened because
they wanted it to happen.People around us are happy because they want to be
happy .And that is where the treasure lies , within us. I had found the answer
to my question and I moved back home and sat to write. My pencil was not really
sharp and it made it difficult for me to write ,so I did what was required I
picked up a sharpner and sharpened my pencil myself . And all I realized was