There verbal and visual memory, attention, speed of

There are also findings of focal deficits in
verbal and visual memory, attention, speed of cognitive processing, and
executive function. Few studies have employed neuropsychological tests to
detect focal deficits (9,34).  In a quantitative review by Depp et al.

of 24 studies that report result from objective cognitive testing in homeless, with
a sample of 2969 homeless adults, the pooled estimate for the frequency of
cognitive impairment was 25,4%; additionally 6 studies used neuropsychological assessments
with results on average, below the mean in the normal population, and most in
the impaired range (21).  Results from the HOPE HOME study showed that
25.1% of participants (N=343) scored in the impaired range on the 3MS (Modified
Mini Mental State Examination). These prevalence are three to four times higher
than the reported in population more than 10 years older (35).

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It is well known that all
cognitive domains are important to have an independent life, however as it was
mentioned before, with the dysfunction of some of them there could be consequences
that impact in the ability to have and maintain proper housing. These are
memory and executive function.