There patients in receiving the best quality of

There are multiple issues
and concerns with health care in Canada, branching from the outspread of
diseases to the flaws in the health system. In my opinion, the lack of
attention on mental health as well as the difficulty in accessing healthcare in
Canada are concerning making them important health care issues.

definition of accessing health services encompasses the patient’s experiences
in the healthcare system. Patient experiences can range from the interactions
patients have with the system, their health providers as well as their
community. This relationship embraces communication between all parties allowing
easy access to information, which is a stepping stone towards receiving
responsive and respectful care from health professionals that tailors towards
the patient’s needs and values. However, there are many barriers in Canada that
prevent patients in receiving the best quality of care. Barriers include wait
times as well as frustration in contacting health services as many patients
find difficulty in booking same day or next day doctor appointments. Moreover, patients
need to wait endless hours to be admitted into the emergency room or hospital
to look at their “minor symptoms”, while wait lists for elective surgeries and
referrals to specialists are lengthy taking up to months causing delay in
seeking and obtaining treatment. This is concerning as it does not comply with
giving responsive and respectful care. What are thought to be minor symptoms
such as headaches, or bumps that start appearing under an individual’s chin
would be thought to disappear in a couple days, which shows that individuals believe
these are minor symptoms that do not contribute towards a bigger issue, such as
cancer or an internal disease. The process in which health authorities are
dealing with this is dangerous and can be detrimental for the patient’s health
as well as the successful productivity of a hospital. By making individuals
wait, it gives time for the condition to worsen, giving doctors more
complicated cases as they have neglected the source and are dealing with a bigger
problem that arose from the minor symptoms instead. This in turn will prolong
the stay of patients which will occupy hospital beds making space scarce and
limited.  Along with the congestion of
patients, many of older age patients would be affected greatly due to the huge
population of baby boomers. An influx of aging older patients would result in
limited space and beds in nursing homes which extends the wait list time for long
term primary care such as senior homes. 

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