There a statistical measure, most commonly used to

There is not any freedom in poverty or we can say, economic
freedom is the quality weapon towards poverty. It’s been forty-six years, we have earned our freedom but
our economic freedom yet to achieve. Poverty act a resistance for a country to
become financially independent. A country with a weak economic structure can
lead towards the failed country. A
country can achieve its certain goal by reducing poverty from the beginning.

Poverty can be outlined utilizing two specific terms, which
is absolute poverty and relative poverty. Relative poverty is a that contrasts
with absolute poverty. Absolute poverty means not only lacking for the absolute
requisites of life but missing the capacity to accumulate them by any means.
Relative poverty is about being at the bottom of a social hierarchy. Poverty in
rich countries can be described as a
relative poverty. In some developed country having three times of meal in a day isn’t a concern for their citizen. They do
concern about other materialistic things
and they may feel poor but the scenario
is totally different in the least
developed or underdeveloped countries.
Sometimes having three times of meal in a day is
a serious issue for them. They don’t even have a proper place to sleep. During drought,
some people starve to death also.

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Bangladesh is a developing nation with enormous monetary
opportunity in the world market. Agriculture has now mostly turn out to be more
commercialized and debts for handiest 15 percent of gross home product (GDP).
Manufacturing and offerings now account for the majority of output.  Economics Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen additionally
lauded Bangladesh’s social progress in many fields, comparable to gender
fairness, females’ empowerment, mortality cost, existence expectancy,
immunization and others relative to India, a country with double per capita GDP
than Bangladesh.

Regardless of such giant development our per capita revenue
of US$ 1088.00, the country remains some of the least developed international
locations on the earth.  An estimated
sixty-three million persons reside under the poverty line in a nation of 163
million people. Bangladesh has also witnessed rapid urbanization with more than
a 3rd of the population now living in city areas and carrying on with. Despite
the populace, growth fee has come right down to 1.2 percent once a year, the
nation stays one of the crucial densely populated countries on the earth.

The Gini coefficient or Gini index is a statistical measure,
most commonly used to examine a nation’s measure of wealth inequality that
exists at a point in time. A much clearer
picture of income distribution emerges when one looks at the income
distribution between the poorest 10 percent
and the richest 10 percent. The picture
that emerges is:  the income share of the
poorest 10 percent is 3.85 percent compared to 26.92 percent for the richest 10 percent in Bangladesh. In effect, the income
share held by the highest 20 percent is
41.48 percent. This is clearly indicative
of a situation where the very little of the benefits of economic growth is trickling down to the very poor, the people
who need it the most.

Records suggest that an estimated 36 percent of the complete
populace lives under the poverty line in Bangladesh. They endure from continual
meals insecurity, possess no land and assets, are customarily uneducated, and
may additionally endure severe diseases or disabilities. One more 29 per cent
is regarded reasonably terrible. Consequently, close to sixty-five percent of
the whole populations in Bangladesh is viewed as terrible people. Among them,
80 percent of terrible individuals live in rural areas.

Now the question may
arise, what are the foremost causes of poverty? There would be a few
reasons.  It may be no assets in the
nation, no education advancements, no willingness to be taught, lazy, rely on
others to support them, no motivation to work tough and improve a greater
tradition.  On the other hand, governmental
coverage gives the extra possibility to
those who have already got an economic groundwork which is not a great sign to
reduce poverty. Some NGO, s and welfare
organization helps the poor to survive this month, as a substitute for helping them establish a monetary foundation for their lives. The poor class only
focus on the individual, rather than focus on group progress. They need to work together for every differing’s
economic advantage. Most importantly, escaping poverty manner making plans for
the longer term, sacrificing some now for a cozy the next day to come.

It’s not like we are not fighting against poverty. Bangladesh
government trying hard & soul to reduce the poverty
rate of our country. They have taken various steps to minimize poverty
rate in recent future. They have
declared vision 2021 and included poverty as a
serious issue.