There disparity presents a problem in that educational

is school funding problem in United States. One of the biggest problems is not
having funding for education in the United States of America. Education is the most
important thing in our life and education needs more funding so that schools can
have more resources for students. It is a huge problem that our schools are
underfunded and it’s unable to provide even basic help to students. When school
budgets are cut, it harms our country. When school budgets are cut, students
are not getting resources they need and their grade are dropping and they are
dropping out from school. There is also a problem that teachers are not paid
well. The U.S education system needs to be completely rebuild.

            Funding for education needs to
increase in the United States education system. It is an issue that schools do
not receive all enough resources to serve their students. Some schools have
plenty of resources, while other schools are struggling to even get books and
basic supplies to their students. “This means children that live in a rich
neighborhood will receive more funding, while children in poor neighborhoods
will receive less funding” (Kozol 355). Lower income area students are not
getting same educational resources as students who lives in higher income
areas. It is important that students receive a good education no matter where
they live and what school they attend. “This disparity presents a problem in
that educational funding is limited in poorer areas, thereby often contributing
to fewer resources and personnel for some students, depending upon where they
reside” (Pouncey et al 11).  On the other
hand, rich public schools have more funding which helps improve the school
since the schools are found in areas where the property is worth a lot (Kozol
355).  Everyone should have the same
funding, it should not matter what their property worth. Funding need to be
increased in poor public schools to improve education and help raise literacy
rates. If this does not occur, then poor schools will continue the same trend producing
students with low literacy rates and standards.

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On the other hand, private schools
receive funding from their students. The students pay a tuition for their
education. If private schools have students, they have money. Since the
government does not distribute lot of funding to private schools, there are
fewer restrictions and rules governing private schools (Ravitch 364). Private
institutions can design their own curricula, hire whomever they want, and
implement their own rules to a certain extent (Ravitch 364). Private schools could
educate children by putting the money wherever it is necessary in the education
programs. This is one reason why private schools have higher rate and the
educational standards compared to the public schools.

The private school enrollment is rising
everywhere in our society. “In contrast to two, three, and more decades ago,
the private education share has grown significantly in each region (Levy 3). If
public education continues to slip in standards, then parents who can afford
private education will send their children to private school. The Private school
are rising everywhere, in united states it has grown by 26 percent, in Europe
it has grown by 16 percent and Africa by 16 percent, it has occurred in large countries,
small countries, many in between. The growth of private higher education is
widespread across large and small countries, with large and small higher
education systems and private higher education is longstanding or only recent
(Levy 12). “Among this volume’s cases, the United States has easily the
longest-standing private higher education sector, next is Chile, though its
nineteenth-century pioneer, the Catholic University of Chile, is now only
ambiguously private” (Levy 13).   However, parents who cannot afford private
education must send their students in poor public school which have very low
standards. There should be more funding for public school so poor students can
have same education as everyone else.

The result of giving public schools
monetary bonuses would be tremendous. Monetary bonus should be given to school
best on the school test score and their performance. They should not give bonus
best on what their property worth or where students are from poor neighborhood
or rich neighborhood. Many public schools would implement new innovative
programs to lure students in. “Funding equality may not be desirable if it is
achieved because all district spend relatively little for education” (Moser
67). By using this money, the school should hire new teachers who has more
experience, bring in new technology, and continue to improve the school’s
environment. “Bartolomeo found that poorer districts in New York had higher
turnover, fewer textbooks, more unsafe conditions and older buildings” (Pouncey
et al 1). There should be same amount of funding for everyone and they should
have same education. There are unexperienced teachers in the poor school district
because they can pay those teachers less than one who has experienced in

Government are cutting all the budget.

“They ordered $150 million in immediate program cuts, including less spending
for after school classes, and other programs” (Wyatt 2). With the budget cuts
in education, students will have less individual attention, and there will be
fewer programs. The cuts mean that more than 2,300 jobs would be eliminated,
Mr. Levy said, including 1,406 classroom paraprofessionals and administrative
aides, 558 teachers who would have been hired to help reduce class sizes in the
lower grades, and nearly 400 supervisors and administration (Wyatt 4). By
cutting budget there will be fewer staff members of the school to help with
academic challenges, and there will be fewer programs for students. Cutting the
budget of the educational staff is like cutting off resources to help of the
nation grow academically. For students to be prepared for a career, they need
to receive good education. These students need to be able to get the attention
that they need.

There are many problems in United States
education system, and financial constraints and is one of them. Monetary
bonuses such as bonuses for students who have good test score and grade should
receive more funding. It is essential that the government make education in the
United States a priority and begin to invest financially in the future of our
country. The government should ensure that students and young people have
access to education. The government needs to take more responsibility for the
education of its citizens and make sure that students have access to materials
and quality teachers.