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There are many benefits to hiring a professional cloud hosting service provider. The first and most obvious would be the cost-savings over having to set up such a solution and manage it yourself. IT resources are often limited, even with a full on-site department at your disposal, and by outsourcing these services, you will save the time and resources required to run the rest of your information technology services.All the database store storage for the company networks are maintained by the client servers so database storages, control nodes, application servers help to use the computer round the company’s network. Cloud computing services are liable for the companies to grow more in their business bandwidth. If any company needs to increase the cloud it’s much easier for the servers to get increased. If we want to maintain the server back with the same storage it’s easy to back up again. The scale of growth that cloud computing gives will be the best advantage over the competitors. Cloud computing servers mainly interact with User interaction interface, system management, provisioning tool, services catalog, monitoring, and marketing.Data recovery options are easier in cloud computing. Business with the large scale is investing a lot in the data recovery. Small-scale companies and large companies have the same cloud-based backup and the recovery options. Cloud Computing mainly deals with Database, App server, codes, mobile, pc etc.…These two mainly gets the real values and the convergence of those technologies like mobility, predictive, analytics in-memory databases and consumerization. Cloud computing is reasonably understood. Technologies and solutions which are most prominently that information system That transformed on my radar screen is Big data and cloud computing. Big Data(BIG) is likely that adding more and more devices and generating data when manipulated will, in turn, become useful. Big data is more prominent because we still don’t have our traditional forms of data structured in which we were leveraging the business value of the information we are bringing to the market. Automatic Software updates are more off-premise. All the supplies will maintain the cloud updates According to a study by the Cloud Security Alliance, 33% of organizations have a “full steam ahead” attitude toward cloud services and 86% of companies spend at least part of their IT budget on cloud services. IT leaders at 79% of companies receive regular requests from end users each month to buy more cloud applications with file sharing and collaboration, communication, social media, and content sharing topping the list of the most-requested cloud services.