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The recently released book by Micheal Wolff called Fire and Fury has explosive allegations and statements about the Trump White House. According to many media outlets, Trump already has sent a cease and desist letter to the publisher in a attempt to stop the books release. This book has some bold statements about the Trump White House. As well as the legal strategy to stop the fallout from the book Trump has already called the book “fake news”. This is the only respectable strategy he could have pursued since if he accepted the book as truth that would have disastrous consequences for him.Liberals and conservatives have had a widely different response to the book. For many strong Trump supporters they view the book as “fake news”. They believe that the book is another attempt to derail the Trump presidency. The strongest Trump supporters view’s will not be effected by the release of this book. However the same cannot be said for more milder conservatives.The release of this book will have it’s most influence on the moderate Republicans. They will not be the most receptive to this piece of literature however it will be able to have the greatest possible effect. Many moderate Republicans are receptive to the idea that Trump’s White House is dysfunctional and this book will further the notion. Due to the many explosive statements and allegations in the book I believe many of their beliefs will change. Trump’s approval ratings for moderate Republicans should go down. Liberals will be the most receptive to this book however it will not have the greatest effect. Most liberals already have their beliefs set in stone and the book will futher their beliefs. To them the book will be proof that Trump should be impeached and step down. In addition, to liberals the book is not fake news as it quotes reliable sources within the Trump White House.Only time will tell what type of impact Fire and Fury will have. Regardless, unmovable Trump supporters, moderate Republicans, and liberals will all have different reactions to this book.