The While the traditional method can be a

word “literacy” generally refers to reading and writing skills, when
you focus on the word “digital” before it, the term signifies much,
much more. Digital literacy has changed the traditional concept of literacy.
Nowadays people are more often to consume the content from the web rather than
that from print media. Newspaper television has contributed greatly in the
field of providing and sharing information. But now people are more up to the
digital medium of gathering information.

the traditional method can be a one-way communication, digital writing is
generally intended to be communicated to others.  Digital writing tools are designed to make
that easy for the end user. Digital media is a potentially powerful lever for
social good, allowing students to actively participate in the society.

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term “Digital Literacy” is so wide that it can create confusion. What is
digital literacy? Is it only the information gathering or it is the modern way
of communication with the fellow mates. Does one need to have a hardcore coding
knowledge to deal with the digital literacy?

Of Digital Literacy:

• Content

is the core aspect and content is king when it comes to making strategies for
the businesses.  It includes writing in
digital manners such as email, blogs, and Tweets, as well as creating other
forms of media, such as videos and engaging media.

• Collaboration

in digital literacy means sharing your valuable knowledge with others and
creating an environment which focuses on the overall development of the
students, entrepreneurs and all of the others.

• Creativity

generally refers to turn your new and imaginary ideas into reality. Creativity
refers to perceive the world in a new way. Digital creativity is ideas brought
to life through digital mediums. Nobody wants the things in a regular manner
everybody wants that certain level of customization should be there, this is
where the creativity comes into play.

• Learning

and constantly upgrading your knowledge is very important. Learning focuses on
the fact that how technology can extend learning opportunities. The best
practice to learn to gain the knowledge and then implement that so that one can
have a real-time experience.

• Internet

on the web is just a single attribute, one has to be quite dedicated to using
the internet as a powerful tool to gain the knowledge and interact with the
industry leaders to know their experience and get guided by them.

• Social
Media Awareness

media platforms are ubiquitous nowadays and have connected us in ways. We share
information and updates instantaneously with the networks of connections we’ve
built, and are subsequently receive updates from those same networks. We have
to take the social media platforms very seriously to enhance our knowledge.


Literacy cannot be ignored if we have to stand out from the crowd the use of
skills along with the subsequent knowledge will definitely help everyone to
explore beyond the limits. Everyone needs to be motivated and engaged in
learning through the instructional interactions, texts, tasks, and tools
available in their learning environment. Learners are more engaged and more
likely to persist when literacy instruction and practice includes valued
learning activities designed to enhance the growth.