The to come back to the body by

The articles The Belief Engine by James
Alcock and Occult Beliefs by Barry singer et al. have similar key ideas regarding
the belief in the paranormal, these ideas are as follows. A belief in the
paranormal is terminating science and has no scientific use. Additionally, they
mention that the main drive behind paranormal belief is to help individuals to
make sense of and feel safe in a chaotic world. Finally, people dismiss that
the correlation of events does not indicate causality, especially if it fits
with their belief system allowing for people to believe in false paranormal

A belief in paranormal does have use in
science, specifically in the social science of phycology. Different cultures
have unique beliefs about how to deal with trauma and healing. Western
societies main way to deal with trauma is therapy, however it consists of
people from many different cultures. This suggests that there is an advantage
in combining therapy with cultural healing, including the paranormal. An
example of this is from the article Traditional Carrier Approaches to Metal
health by Christina Dobson et al. and the concept of Loss of Spirit. Traditionally
the spirit would be asked to come back to the body by a healer to alleviate the
depression-like symptoms (Dobson, 2017). If a person felt that they had
experienced the loss of their own spirit since it has depression like symptoms
they might be sent to a clinician. Opposed to resisting the client’s belief it
may be best to implement where appropriate the existing belief opposed to only
using western therapy. The use of paranormal does have a purpose in science.

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When talking about paranormal both
articles had negative undertones. One of their points was that the paranormal
is needed by some individuals to allow them to make sense of the world by
either explaining the meaning of life or allowing superstitions to make them
feel safe.  This is correct, but belief
in a collective idea can have positive outcomes. According to the article
Religion and mental health by Prakash Behere et al. they found that there are positive
implications from belonging to a group, whether the group had belief in a
deity, sport, or Star Wars. They found that people who belonged to a group had
better social support and physical health as a result (Behere, 2013). Believing
in the force may not save an individual from the Sith but having like friends
can help both mentally and physically.

The articles suggest that the main reason
for people’s belief in paranormal is a disregard for events that have a correlation
but are independent and support their beliefs. However, there is some empirical
evidence that suggests that there might be the existence of the paranormal and
the articles were too quick to dismiss their existence. MacDougall’s 21 Gram
Theory that states that when a person passes away their body becomes 21 grams
lighter. His theory suggests that this weight loss is the soul leaving the body
(Historic Mysteries, 2007). Also in the DSM-5, a single encounter of the
paranormal is not enough to diagnose any disorder suggesting that the person is
mentally sound (DSM-5, 2014). Finally, “ghostbusters” do use empirical
measurement tools like an EMF reader and a Thermal Camera (GhostShop, 2017).
Even though these results are not perfectly replicated, so are many other aspects
of social science. Therefore, the articles made assumptions that all aspect of paranormal
is falsified when there is some evidence that may be real.