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The Great Gatsby written by F. Scott Fitzgerald is important because it portrays the different lifestyles of the 1920s or the “Roaring Twenties” before the Great Depression and it is also a timeless classic. It is important because it keeps the students interested in knowing how life was back then and how much conflict is going on and the many themes of the novel. The novel portrays how corrupt the American Society was before the Depression and how the people only focused on the rich and famous. The novel shows how Gatsby’s life story is still relatable to some people today on how people have so much hope on the American Dream. The connections between The Great Gatsby and modern society is that even when you think people have your back, once you are accused of something bad, people tend to look the other way and pretend to have no relations with you. In the novel, Gatsby threw many parties and people tended to like him but once he was accused of murdering Myrtle everyone turned their backs on Gatsby and completely forgot about him. That is very similar to today’s society, people may support a celebrity but once a rumor has started about them being deviant people tend to forget about how much they liked that celebrity and forget about them. I think it’s required to read The Great Gatsby because it is a great literary book that students have an interest in reading and the language and style of Fitzgerald’s writing is beautiful and understandable to modern readers. If I was a teacher I would teach The Great Gatsby because of it such a great book that I feel many students enjoy actually reading. The book uses many literary devices throughout it, so getting students to recognize and understand them while reading the book is not so difficult. The most famous one is foreshadowing on Gatsby and how he would say he has not used the pool the whole summer, but he ended up getting shot in the pool when he finally chose to use it. Another reason it should be taught is that of how much conflict is going on in the book from Gatsby’s love for Daisy to Myrtle getting run over by Daisy. These types of conflicts keep the students interested in the book.