The leave the visitors awe struck. It is

land of Samoa is home to an array of exotic destinations that are considered to
be quite marvelous and attractive for the tourist coming from all over the
regions. The destination is known to have a number of different historical
museums, beaches, and monumental landmarks that provide the visitors with an exquisite
experience. Furthermore, the city also has a number of different walking areas
that are quite scenic in nature and also, a number of different Architectural
buildings are also located and witnessed in the region.

tourists can enjoy a plethora of different activities that are all vivacious
enough to enliven your journey to the beautiful island. Swimming in the warm
waters of Samoa, with fancy little turtles is also considered to be one of the
most pleasing activities that can be experienced in the state. Other activities
include Coastal Walking, Surfing, and Scuba Diving.

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tourist can also visit the famous cultural village of Apia that accounts for a
large portion of the tourism industry of the nation. The destinations exhibits
a number of beautiful landmarks and destinations that can leave the visitors
awe struck. It is also the capital of Samoa and a prime tourism destination in
the country. The major attractions in the city include the Vaiala Beach, The
Deep Marine Reserve of Palolo, and the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum. The
Reserve is known to attract a massive number of plant lovers from all over the
region. In addition, if the tourist want to speculate and reflect upon the
history of the city, the city center is the best destination that exhibits the
natural history and also the cultural and historical heritage of the nation
through its astounding Museum called the National Museum of Samoa.

the Destination has a number of shopping destinations that are a must visit for
all the shopping fanatics visiting the city. The top Shopping attractions in
the city include Old Apia Market and the Salelologa Market. Other shopping
attractions include the EFKS Museum Mart and the Vanya Mart Gallery. Other
popular regions that are also quite famous and visited include the popular city
of Upolu and Piula Cave Pool. The former is known for the provision of activities
such as surfing and snorkeling while the latter is a famous seaside and fresh
water pool.

on to the natural beauty of the nation, the land of Samoa is also home to a
number of amazing natural parks that are quite spontaneous in nature. The most
famous parks in the region of Samoa include the To Sua Ocean Trench, Aloofaga
Blowholes, and the Lalomanu Beach Park. Furthermore, the waterfalls are also a
delight to visit in the region. The land of Samoa has a plethora of unique and
glamourous waterfalls that attract a large number of tourists and ignite the
tourism industry of the country. The most famous waterfalls in the country
include the Togitogiga Waterfall, Sopoaga Waterfall, and the Fuipisia
Waterfall. Also, the Papaseea Sliding Rock is another exceptional marine destination
that is close to being a waterfall and provides the same exotic experience to
its visitors.