The the fourth largest earthquake to ever hit

The natural disaster that I have chosen is a tsunami. How tsunamis are created is when an earthquake is to occur in the ocean. How earthquakes form to give you a better understanding of this event is when tectonic plates collide, one of them slips causing force (the amount of force varies). So when this happens it creates waves hence what we know as tsunamis.Tsunamis can have almost no to detrimental effects on environments and cities. On march 11, 2011 a magnitude 9 earthquake struck japan creating a massive tsunami. It was the fourth largest earthquake to ever hit japan creating enough force equivalent to 8,000 Hiroshima atom bombs! The tsunami destroyed three nuclear power plants. One of them causing a huge radiation leak. This tsunami was called Tohoku, it had caused 150,000 people to evacuate. Still to this day 50,000 people still don’t have their homes back. Roughly 120,000 buildings were also destroyed in this destructive disaster. Almost one-fifth of a trillion dollars have been spent to repair the buildings. It is the costliest disaster of all time! Reaching up to 235 billion dollars in total. The tsunami reached a maximum height of 133 ft. Also the total people that went missing and were killed by this event was roughly over 22,000. How we would prepare for a tsunami varies really, we can expect little to no damage for a tsunami that was created by an earthquake with a magnitude of less than 1. They would need to identify the earthquake predict the size of it. Also predict where it will take place. Then they would need to guesstimate the size of the tsunami it will create. Last, we would need to warn every citizen that we will be expecting a tsunami of said size. Quite the contrary can be expected for an earthquake with a magnitude of 9, which is exactly what happened on march 11, 2011. We can recover by quickly scourging through the rubble as soon as it is permitted. One, so we can help all of the people who may be stuck. Two, so we can help all of the people who have practically been evicted from their homes during the event. If an event that is this catastrophic were to strike a developing country the recovery would need to take place immediately. Mainly do to the fact that most of these residents don’t have the financial stability to automatically recover. Also in some developing countries they don’t even have the money to afford a temporary relief home. Causing these people to be practically homeless for as long as it takes to recover from this occurrence. The tsunami and earthquake combination caused over 1.5 million tons of debris to sink into the Pacific Ocean, as if the oceans weren’t polluted enough. Overall, tsunamis can destroy entire coastlines and essentially flatten them.