The the aspirations of the city’s residents. In



The Nepalese government is preparing to build the so-called smart
city in Kathmandu and other parts of the country. The authorities plan to make
Kathmandu the first city in Nepal, ecologically and socially, economically
smart. The smart city is one that does not just grow in the phrases of the
variety of people who inhabit it, however, it is deliberate throughout the
nation. The conceptualization of the smart city varies from you. s. in the
United States and from city to city, depending on the degree of improvement,
the willingness to change and reform, the availability of sources and the
aspirations of the city’s residents. In this regard, the metropolitan city of
Kathmandu (KMC) has presented great plans to make Kathmandu a smart metropolis with
all the international fashion services and services. In addition to the various
issues, the program includes the administration of parking centers, metropolis
without masks through environmental ecology, e-rest room, high-tech engines,
fully technology-based panel placement, cellular application for handle
complaints and grievances from carriers’ search engines, etc. in a powerful
way. In accordance with the policy and programs announced by the use of KMC,
the city will simplify the existing system of authorized electronic
construction and will observe the feasibility of the behavior to improve the
metro, monorail, trams and cable engines to improve the city’s delivery system
and bike path along the green belt of Ring Avenue and the banks of the Bagmati
and Bishnumati rivers. however, Nepal’s authorities introduced the concept of
“smart city” for the first time in 2012, more effective 22 years
after other megacities around the world adopted it. the authorities were no
longer effective, but the political parties, especially at a time of close
elections, had promised the people to make each municipality a smart city, in
case they would receive local elections in stages. Recently, a set of lockers
decided to establish smart cities in 4 unique corners with correct urban plans
in order to reduce the population density in downtown Kathmandu. Outside of
Kathmandu, the government is also making smart urban development plans in
Lumbini, Nijgadh and Palungtar region in Gorkha. The concept of smart city as a
means of decorating the lives of citizens has gained increasing importance in
the programs of those responsible for coverage. The vision of “smart
metropolis” is the center of the city of the future, safe, comfortable,
without environmental and green experience, since all the structures are
already energy, drinking water, all the methods of transport, roads, bridges,
tunnels, paths railways / metros, airports, seaports, communications, etc. they
are designed, constructed and maintained using substances, sensors, electronic
components and superior networks interconnected to computerized systems
including databases, tracking and decision-making algorithms. A metropolis that
monitors and integrates the conditions of all its critical infrastructures can
better optimize its resources, plan its preventive protection activities and
monitor security situations while maximizing services to its residents in many
demanding engineering situations that consist of natural and artificial
activities This scribe was likely to take advantage of the general idea of
??smart city in a concept of urban development held in Stockholm, Sweden, in
2014. In the smart city plan, the systems and structures will reveal their
personal conditions and will perform automatic repair as they wish. The surrounding
body environment, air, water and surrounding green spaces can be best monitored
for better housing and a more advantageous operating environment that is easy,
efficient and comfortable and offers benefits as part of the best use of all
assets. Many of the attributes and benefits of Smart Metropolis have the
ultimate, completely human and simple goal of a substantially advanced housing
and operating environment for the people of our city. trade, transportation,
disorder in personal services, education and housing, and a much more improved
environment and significantly increased protection and protection are taken
into account when building a city intelligent. Undoubtedly, schooling is an
essential element for the implementation of the smart city. A vision of the
city of destiny is based on the combination of science and technology through
information systems that