The awareness of their need towards learning

The word autonomous
learning comes from the word autonomy and learn. Autonomy means giving
responsibility to take care of something to someone else, usually someone that
has a lower rank than the giver. The word learn has the meaning of study. So,
autonomous learning means studying something by oneself without or with minimum
supervision from a teacher, lecturer, or someone that has a teaching role.
Holec, in Ramamuruthy and Rao’s (2015) work, defined autonomous learning as the
ability to take responsibility of one’s own learning. Holec’s interpretation
is, according to Benson (2007), a very solid definition of autonomous learning
as it is the most cited work in the field. Benson also said that this implies
that learners will not develop the awareness of their need towards learning by
simply placing them in a situation where there are no other option.


Autonomous learning
cannot be separated apart from the advances of technologies. In fact,
autonomous learning is closely related to technology especially in this modern
era. As Trilling and Fadel (2009) stated, the 21st century learners are
technology-based learners, they are surrounded by technologies even when they
are still small. This includes technologies such as personal computers,
tablets, and pocket devices like smartphones. One example of learning type is
learning something by using a smartphone, this is called as mobile learning.
Mobile learning is, by definition, to learn in “anywhere and anytime” situation
using mobile technologies (Chuang, Hwang, & Shih, 2010). Autonomous learner
who is using his or her smartphones to learn is considered a mobile learner
where they manage to keep growing and learning despite unfavourable by only
using their smartphones to keep the thirst for knowledge alive.

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Autonomous learner
use their methods of learning to simply started to broaden their views
unrestricted by books and teacher that can often be flawed. Their methods tends
to absorb any knowledge indiscriminately, therefore they easily absorb new
ideology and different understanding of one subjects which tends to make them a
wild card amongst their peers. Many simply seclude themselves from society to
understand more and more, and this has make the reclusive and odd amongst
family and friends, many autonomous learner tends to misunderstand many subject
that collide with society and human interaction.


Ramamuruthy and Rao
(2015) said that mobile learning is a process of gaining knowledge through
exploration and conversation in environments that varies. Explorations as in
the growth of oneself by learning with no guidances. Autonomous learning let
the growth of oneself be based on one exploration and on how oneself choose to
explore. In this context Ramamuruthy and Rao show the growing ease on how to
explore knowledge, with the growth of technologies. Many subject has been
exposed with this autonomous ways of learning and have shown great growths and
a more open mindedness on the things that shows and in need of logical
improvements and in morale calamity.