The consists of a preamble and nine

The agreement on the creation of the CIS, the Protocol to it and the CIS Charter is a comprehensive solution. The charter (at least for recognized states) is of paramount importance.The CIS Charter consists of a preamble and nine sections, 45 articles. It refers to universally recognized principles and norms of international law, provisions of the UN Charter, the Final Act and other CSCE documents.In Sec. I objectives of the Commonwealth, covering all spheres of interstate cooperation without exception. In Art. 3 reproduces the basic principles of international law, complemented in such a way as the rule of law in interstate relations and the spiritual unity of peoples, which is based on respect for their identity and the preservation of cultural values.In the Charter, as in the Agreement of December 8, 1991, private spheres of joint activity realized through common coordinating institutions.Section II is devoted to membership, III – collective security and military-political cooperation, IV – conflict prevention and dispute resolution, V – economic, social and legal cooperation.The largest by volume is the section VI. It regulates the structure, status, powers, order of the activities of the Commonwealth bodies.The ratification of the founding charter is envisaged in accordance with their constitutional procedures, the surrender of ratification instruments. The rule of the Republic of Belarus and the entry into force of the Charter in one of two options – either for all founding states from the time of the surrender of all participants, or for the founding states, one year after the adoption of the Charter. On behalf of the Russian Federation, the Charter was ratified by its Supreme Member on April 15, 1993. Other states that adopted the Charter ratified it during 1993. The last-January 18, 1994-was done by the Republic of Belarus. , The CIS Charter expired a year after its adoption took effect. (Tracking the Charter Establishing the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) 8 – 12 – 1991).