The covered. Environmentalists are suspecting that the

The Rampal Power Plant is an under construction coal-fired
power station Rampal Upazila of Bagerhat District in Khulna, Bangladesh which
capacity will be 1320 megawatt and after implementation, it will be the largest
power plant of BD. This project will occupy an area of over 1834 acres is
located 14 km north of the world’s largest mangrove forest Sundarbans.
Bangladesh  India friendship power
company (BIFPC), consists of National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC), India
& Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPBD), is executing this mega
project. Bangladesh & India government both are providing 15% of this
project. Another 70% is financing Exim Bank, India.


As coal-fired power plant has high negative impact on the
environment, environmentalists have taken position against this project from
the beginning of this project. They claims that fly ash, bottom ash &
slurry which contains As, Pb , Hg, Ni, Cd, Cr, Ra like toxics & radioactive
metals, will produce from this power plant & these toxics will cause for
various diseases (particularly lungs diseases) of the  natives & destroy environmental
balance.From former experiences & calculations, this project will affect 25
km radius from the project place.Hence, Sundarbans is 14 km far away this
project, so it will suffer for this project. Besides, the plant will need to
import 4.7 million tons of coal per year, vessels will use for carrying the
coal & these vessels will use the root of Poshur river which flows inside
the Sundarbans.These vessels will produce sound which will disturb the animals
daily life. Also, Pashur is not a deep river & waves produced by vessels
will cause for sedimentation of the river & gradually it will lose its
navigability.For containing its navigabilility, dredging is must. But dredging
has a great impact on the river’s ecosystem & the ecosystems are
correlated. So,  the entire ecosystem of
Sundarbans will affected. Moreover, the coal carrying vehicles are not often
covered. Environmentalists are suspecting that the vehicles may disperse large amount
of sulphar, coal dust, fly ash & other toxic chemicals throughout the life
of the project. These will pollute water of the river & will reach inside
the forest because of the tide.Also the power plant will use 219,600 cubic
meters of water everyday from the Poshur river & will discharge treated
waste water back into the river. The treated water will pollute the river’s
water & will increase overall temperature of the river.Because of pollution
& temperature rising, the river species will fall in trouble & some of
them will migrate & others will disappear. This power plant will also
produce huge amount of SO2, NO2 which are highly toxic gases.

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The government of Bangladesh rejects the allegations that the
coal-based power plant would adversely affect the world’s largest mangrove
forest. Government is saying that the plant will not have any negative effect
on the mangrove forest because the plan & design of this project is highly
sophisticated & environment conscious. They explained that high quality
coal will be imported from Australia/Indonesia.The coal will contain low
sulpher & low ash . The design has incorporated the system for a Flue Gas
Desulfurization (FGD) plant which will take out 98% of sulpher from coal.
Similarly low knox burner will take care of 95% of NO2. Mercury, ash &
other heavy heavy metals will precipitate by Electrostatic Precipitator(ESP).
The requirement of water use will be minimized by dry ash collection method
& closed loop water recycling.The temperature difference between intake
& discharge water will be restricted to 2 degree Celsius by using
Multistage Effluent Treatment. After treatment, the gases will be emitted by a
275 m tall chimney which will not affect the environment around the power
plant. The government also ensuring that,during transportation, the coal will
be specially covered. So, there is no chance for scattering.Also, the plant
will have a completely covered coal storage for three months reserve.Government
rules out the claim about noise pollution . Besides, the fly ash will be taken
away from the plant by the cement factories of the region. The produced
carbon-dy-oxide will convert into supercritical carbon-di-oxide which has many


Coping with the increasing populations power requirement,we
need to establish power plant.But we also have to concern about our environment
specially Sundarbans, the ‘lungs’ of our country.Every species are supporting
themselves for containing the balance of the ecosystem of Sundarban.If
ecosystems collaspe, Sundarban will destroy gradually.After all, considering all
aspects, it is impossible to keep the pollution at level zero of the power
plant.If we & our government may conscious about the pollution ,
pollution’s impact on nature & we all have true patriotism &  environment friendly behaviour ,we will be
benefited from this power plant. In future, we have to consider renewable &
environment friendly sources (like solar) for generating power like other
environment conscious country.